15 Built-In Planter Projects that are Amazing




These built-in planters add a lot to this deck. This simple addition can change the entire atmosphere.

The built-in planters on the sides of this bench look great. The lighting in them also help make it enjoyable at night too.

Succulents are a great addition to these beautiful planters.

The rounded planters and seating combine to make a great atmosphere for this deck.

This is a really creative way to have different levels of built-in planters.


This patio is really modern and trendy. The planters add a lot of character even though there isn’t much space.


These built-in stair planters are incredible!


These planters look so neat layered behind this bench. It fits perfect in the corner which is great for small spaces.


The placement of these built-in planters look great for framing this deck.

This is another great example of planters that look good around a bench. This would be heavenly to sit and relax by!


Built-in planters on a wall or as part of a fence are genius ideas!


The color of these built-in planters look great with the wood flooring and brick wall that surrounds them.


These built-in planters are actually the structure of the bench so they serve a dual purpose!


This design of built-in planters look so sleek. The trees give it a lot of personality and contrast against the smooth wood.


What a brilliant idea! The circular shape in the center of the built-in planter is unique and works perfectly with the curvy design of the seat.