25 Magical Unicorn Crafts for Kids


Unicorn-lovers unite! These magical crafts are as enchanting as they are fun!

If your child loves unicorns, you’re both going to love these 25 Magical Unicorn Crafts for Kids. Whether it’s Dash from Rainbow Bright, or The Last Unicorn, or just unicorns in general, these crafts will delight, enchant, and enthrall the unicorn-loving kid in your life. Happy crafting!

These construction paper unicorns are great to make a kid parties, and just so much fun to play with.

Via Red Ted Art

Wrap a unicorn in washi tape and watch the magic come alive!

Via Totally The Bomb

This pattern for a crocheted unicorn is easy for crochet-enthusiasts to follow, and would make an amazing gift for a unicorn-loving kiddo!

Via One Dog Woof

Grab a bag of jewels and let your little fairy-children decorate and bejewel their own unicorns.

Via Fairies and Dragons

Believe it or not, there’s a pumpkin hiding inside this unicorn. How amazing is this duct-tape pumpkin unicorn?!?!

Via Happy Hour Projects

Crochet your way into the unicorn-loving heart of a child near you with this unicorn pillow.

Via Craftdrawer

This felt unicorn is the perfect pony on a stick for the bright and shiny unicorn-fan in your life.

Via Lia Griffith

Make an impression of your child’s foot and turn it into a magical unicorn picture to keep for years to come.

Via Fun Handprint Art

This super easy DIY unicorn costume is an adorable way to let your child’s magic shine as the weather gets cooler.

Via Twin Dragonfly Designs

It’s surprisingly easy to make this unicorn wall art for your child’s bedroom.

Via Petit & Small

How amazing is this unicorn made entirely out of pipe cleaners? Definitely puts my pipe cleaner candy cane to shame.

Via Hative

This printable unicorn pattern is fun for your kiddo to decorate and assemble.

Via Learn Create Love

This is a unicorn made out of a sock. Let me repeat that…a unicorn made out of a sock.

Via Jiaminlim

Have fun with your kiddos making these unicorns out of toilet paper rolls.

Via The Artful Parent

U is for unicorn and umbrella…but mostly for unicorn.

Via The Princess and the Tot

This adorable unicorn box is great for Valentine’s, or keep it year round to store all of your most adorable possessions.

Via Artsy Fartsy Mama

Teach your child cross stitch with this easy to follow unicorn cross stitch pattern. Or, make it yourself and frame it for their room.

Via Do Small Things With Love


These unicorn horns are great for parties, and then kids can decorate them themselves.

Via Be A Fun Mum

This Washi tape unicorn silhouette is super simple to make and will brighten any unicorn-lovers room.

Via Totally The Bomb

Make this unicorn plush as a gift for your tiny unicorn fan.

Via Delila Hiris


This unicorn horn is easy to wear and super fun to make.

Via A Subtle Revelry

Check out this unicorn necklace. Such adorable jewelry for your unicorn lover, plus they can decorate it themselves.

Via Meri Cherry

How adorable are these unicorn headbands? Let your child imagine themselves in a magical world with these!

Via Tikkido

This unicorn marionette is easy to make and your child is going to love watching it dance on air.

Via Red Ted Art

After all of that amazing unicorn crafting and play, you and your child can sit down to enjoy these whimsical unicorn poop cookies.

Via Kids Activities Blog


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