How to Draw an Afghan Hound

by myklist

Hello dear artists, today we will show you how to draw an Afghan Hound. Afghan hound is a dog bred for hunting. The majestic and unique Afghan Hound is a breed surrounded by legends, fantasies and incredible stories. Afgan Hound has a dual reputation, this dog is as unique as beautiful.


Step 1

So, at first let’s sketch out the skeleton of our Afghan Hound. Sketch out the head, thorax and pelvis with the help of circles. Next sketch out the limbs with simple lines.

Step 2

With the help of simple geometric figures we add the volume to the neck, torso and legs of our Afghan Greyhound. Note that this dog breed has long limbs, neck and a narrow waist.

Step 3

Orienting on the lines from the previous lines draw out the head of our dog. Connect everything with a single contour and draw a long hanging hair with the help of long strokes.

Step 4

Probably the easiest step to drawing a lesson about how to nurse the Afghan Hound, in which we just need to erase all unnecessary lines and make all the necessary lines more clear and smooth.

Step 5

Let’s add details to our Afghan Hound. Make the hair more detailed with the help of long lines as shown in our drawing, creating the chic outfit of our dog.

I hope we were able to make this complex drawing more understandable and simple for you with the help of our step-by-step drawing lesson. If you want even more simple and understandable drawing lessons, then subscribe to us in social networks and visit other lessons on our website.

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