Cozy Mountain Retreat Welcomes Nature Inside Its Charming Rooms


This is a mountain retreat located within the Martis Camp community, in California. It’s the result of a collaboration between NSM Construction responsible for the building process, Walton Architecture responsible for the design and Julie-Johnson Holland responsible for the interior design and decor. It’s a very charming holiday home infused with rustic elements. On the outside, the design is modest and able to pleasantly blend into the landscape.

Rather than stacking the volumes vertically, the architects chose a horizontal, low-profile structure
High ceilings and large windows create a very airy and open ambiance in the living room

On the inside, the spaces are very warm and welcoming thanks to the select palette of materials which includes stone, wood and native granite. The stacked stone fireplace from the living area is a wonderful focal point, framed by large sliding glass doors that disappear into the wall when open. There’s a bedroom with its own fireplace and large windows to frame it.

The floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace in the living room has sliding doors on either side which disappear inside it when open
The stone fireplace and wooden ceiling add texture to the decor and create a cozy, rustic vibe
The seating area has comfortable, gray sofas, two wooden coffee tables and stylish lighting fixtures

The spaces are stretched horizontally across the site, a layout which allows them to take full advantage of the gorgeous views and to bring in lots of natural sunlight. The retreat can accommodate a family of six, with five cozy bedrooms and five and a half bathroom organized on two floors. High ceilings and large windows create an open and airy vibe throughout the rooms, bringing nature in and exposing the volumes to the wonderful surroundings. The kitchen and dining areas are particularly eye-catching. There’s an elegant kitchen island with seating that has a hand-cut granite countertop and a unique dining table with a half log embedded into it. Furthermore, the tree art featured on the wall is yet another stylish way of bringing the outdoors in.

The half log dining table is unique and depicts a beautiful and strong connection with nature
The kitchen island is complemented by four comfy basket chairs and rustic lantern pendant lamps
The kitchen is open and has a very inviting look and feel, thanks to the materials and finishes used throughout
The master bedroom has its own stone fireplace which emphasizes the height of the space in a very nice way
Although their designs are simpler and cleaner, the bathrooms still look inviting
One of the bedrooms has custom-built bunk beds with plenty of storage inside the drawers

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