The Top Five Sold Items on Etsy

by is a popular website to buy and sell handmade items. A recent look at Etsy’s sold goods netted these top five sold items.


1. Hello Kitty Bottlecaps

Along with other delightfully cute designs like Cat in the Hat and assorted bikinis, the Hello Kitty motif adorns flattened bottlecaps suitable for scrapbooking or making magnets. When I checked about 40 of these suckers had sold on Etsy.


2. Nylon Headbands

Go figure. An array of rainbow colored nylon headbands recently sold on These are suitable for toddlers and babies, so I guess it makes sense after all.


3. Quilt Patterns

A couple of pretty patterns to make quilts sold on Etsy. One pattern was for a picnic roll up with straps, which I think is a nice alternative to a flat blanket.


4. Cameos

Some lovely cameo cabochons sold on Etsy. You know the cameos I’m speaking of, those women in profile with tendrils of hair at their neck.


5. Digital Images

Since Etsy is a craft website, many buyers go there to buy craft supplies. The digital images come in all shapes and sizes from 1-inch rounds to sheets of images.


Have you ever shopped or sold on Etsy?


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