Dixie Cup Squirrel Craft


These Dixie cup squirrels are an easy and adorable fall craft.

My daughter ever so randomly and matter-of-factly said to me the other day, “Mama, let’s make a squirrel craft.” It was so out of the blue. I had to ask why. Her simple answer was “Because they are so cute”. That was good enough for me and let’s be honest, they are pretty cute. These Dixie cup squirrels are perfect for the fall and were easy to make.

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What you will need:

Dixie cup

Acrylic paint

Construction paper

Medium googly eyes

Tacky Glue or low temp glue gun

Pink pom pom

Scotch tape



Paint a Dixie cup in white acrylic paint and let it dry. You can use a hairdryer if you are impatient like us.

Paint another color of acrylic over your white, leaving a small strip of white unpainted for the face and the chest of your squirrel.

Cut a strip of construction paper for the tail. It should be roughly about the width of your cup.

Roll the strip of paper the whole length down.

Cut two triangles for ears out of the same color of construction paper. Cut two smaller triangles of out white paper and glue the smaller triangles into the larger ones.

Use tacky glue to glue the ears to the top of the cup in the white painted area. You may choose to use a low temp glue gun for faster drying and hold. Always carefully supervise children when operating a glue gun, even a low temperature one.

Glue on a set of googly eyes underneath.

Cut a pair of feet out of the construction paper and use a Sharpie to draw in lines for the squirrel’s claws. Use the tacky glue to glue them into place.

Glue a small pom pom onto the face for the nose.

Draw the mouth on with a Sharpie and then glue or tape on the tail. We used tape because I thought that it was the best option for my five year old. If you choose to glue, a glue gun might be needed here, as the tail will be very heavy and difficult to hold into place.

Turn your squirrel on its tail to let the face and feet dry.

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