One Balloon / One Word Balloon / Large Macrame / Macrame  / One Cake Topper / Feather Cupcake Toppers / Donut Mold / Balloons / Dreamcatcher / Photos by: Corinna Walker Photography 

Here is a glimpse into Harlow Lace’s first birthday party.  I absolutely love her facial expressions looking back at these photos and can’t believe she is almost three! I remember we had just gotten back from Greece and she was confused by all the new faces she hadn’t seen in a while, especially the sweet Corinna who was taking our photos.  I’m so glad we have these memories and she is such an amazing photographer if you are looking for someone for you family photos.  
I mostly used decorations from around our home and added a couple balloons to decorate it a bit more with some fresh greenery.  Pretty simple but one of our favourite days.  Love every chance we get to celebrate this baby girl.  

All of the treats I made with my sister in law except for the cookies that someone sweet brought.  

Hope you liked this post and enjoy celebrating your littles every chance you get.

xx E

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