Barn Door Pull Blanket Ladder


We have done so many blanket ladders over the years and we just can’t get enough! We added a little twist to our blanket ladder and created this Barn Door Pull Blanket Ladder!

This is such a simple project and we love the mix of the metal pulls with the 2×4’s! Come check out how we built in in Whit’s shop!

Just click HERE or the image below to watch.

Super simple right?! It’s the perfect project for a beginner!

This is all you need to build this Barn Door Pull Blanket Ladder:

1 set of FREE plans – download them HERE!

5 barn door pulls (we found ours here)

2 2×4’s

1 finish of your choice (we used this stain)

Let’s build!

We ripped the edges off of the 2×4’s making them 3″ wide. You don’t have to do this step. We chose to, to give the ladder a more modern look with clean lines.

After cutting the 2×4 sides, we gave them a good sanding. We used a 120-grit sanding pad on our Ryobi 18-volt corner cat sander.


Next, we applied one coat of Pre-Stain to both boards. You can find the Pre-Stain HERE. It’s super easy to apply, just wipe it on with a foam brush,

let it sit for a bit and then wipe the excess away with a clean cloth.

Once the Pre-Stain was dry, we applied one coat of stain. You can find the stain we used HERE! We let the stain soak for a few minutes and then wiped the excess away with a clean cloth.

Once the stain dried, we began attaching the barn door pulls. You can find the barn door pulls that we used HERE.

We attached each pull with wood screws and our drill. Make sure to refer to the printable plans for the measurements.

That was IT! Super easy, functional and CUTE!

We love having blanket ladders all over the house! They are great for hanging magazines or towels in the bathroom! Be creative and make it your own! Make sure to share yours with us on social media and use #shanty2chic so we can share them too!

Happy Building!

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