Stunning Designs That Changed The Way We Look At Things


Whether you realize it or not, beauty is everywhere around you and, even though it’s difficult to define stunning design, identifying it is easy. Every category you can think of has its own outstanding creations and examples. We made it our job to find some of those.

Lighting fixtures.

It should be easy to impress when you’re working with light yet, with so many great designs already being spread all over the world, coming up with a design that actually stands out becomes challenging. In this case, it’s the simplicity and the ingenuity of the light fixture that makes it so cool and outstanding.

Ever wanted to paint your walls with light? Well, now you can come close to doing that with this LED luminaire. It has a built-in power supply and can be installed on walls and ceilings. It consists of a strip of steel that can be shaped and positioned in numerous ways and configurations.{found on arhiproducts}.

What an original way to illuminate a room! We’re talking about the Peel Wall Light by YOY which is basically a lamp designed to fit in the corner and to make it look like the light is coming from behind the peeling wallpaper.

There are a lot of cool designs that could be included in this list and we’ve only managed to find a few. We were impressed by this sculptural lamp. It’s handmade of reclaimed wood and each piece is unique and has a different shape. It all starts with the search for the perfect tree trunk.{found on etsy}.


These are definitely not your everyday pillows because, well, they’re shaped like stones and they actually look pretty realistic. They’re not called “livingstones” for nothing after all. Fill your contemporary living room with these unique things and you’ll get a rocking design.{found on smarin}.

Surely you must have imagined at least one time how cozy it would be to cuddle up on a stack of pancakes and, if not, feel free to do it now. Actually, you can make that wish come true because now there is a collection of floor pillows that look just like giant pancakes.

Dining tables

Being impressed by a simple dining table is not our style but when we saw this cool design we just couldn’t help it. This is the Winch Table by David Fletcher. It has a round top that remains round even when the table is expanded to accommodate more people and the way it does that is quite impressive.

How cool would it be to have a dining table and a set of chairs that are actually swings? Duffy London actually designed such a thing and he called it the Swing Table. The four poster table has a suspended lampshade at the center and eight hanging chairs.


Although just a prototype, the Coffee Bench designed by Karolina Tylka would look awesome in a lot of spaces. Simple, elegant and functional, this piece is extremely flexible and can change function in no time, based on the needs. It can serve as a bench, a set of separate chairs with side tables or a table.

And how cool is this concept for outdoor seating? It’s like strips of cement from the ground peel off and become benches. Very stylish and modern, the design definitely stands out with its originality.{found on archdaily}.

Key holders.

As we’ve mentioned, there are stunning and cool designs everywhere around us in all sorts of forms and shapes. This key rack is a perfect example. It transforms something so simple into something so interesting. Designed by Luz Cabrera and Malorie Pangilinan, this set of a key holder and matching keychains was inspired by the 1950’s phrase “Honey, I’m home”.

Bathroom features.

If you want a bathroom sink that’s more than just functional, then how about the Snail Sink? It definitely has a cool design and it’s actually simple and versatile enough to fit in most modern and contemporary spaces.

Imagine getting out of the shower or tub and stepping on beautiful green moss. It would be like a fresh oasis. This bathroom rug is made of three types of moss which thrives in humid conditions, making the piece ideal for the bathroom. What’s even more ingenious is that the moss drinks in the water that drips on your feet.{found on hgtv}.

Once you see this tub you can’t un-see it. It’s so cool you wonder why you haven’t heard about it sooner. The Vessel Hammock bathtub is made of carbon fiber and has a sleek shape. It’s insulated with a foam core and has to be suspended above the ground.{found on uncrate}.

And speaking of tubs, this one also has a unique design. It looks like it’s carved out of a giant piece of stone. This is indeed a tub with personality and, given its design, it’s impossible to avoid making it the focal point for the bathroom.


Although these shelves are not exactly revolutionary, the reason why we chose to include them here is their ability to look so natural and beautiful in almost any kind of décor and room. They’re part of this intricate wall unit with all sorts of compartments and openings of different shapes and sizes and they’re excellent for displaying items.

Believe it or not, you too could have shelves like this one and it;s something you can actually make yourself. Just find the right piece of wood. Seal off the holes with aluminum plumber’s tape and make sure the wood is level. Then mix the resin and add your pigment so you can make resin inlaid shelves. Pour it in and wait a few days will it’s dry. Peel off the tape and start sanding.{found on shinium}.

Kitchen features.

Every kitchen needs a set of accessories that often give the room character and make it stand out. We’re talking about things like the dish drying rack and the unique designs proposed by this one. Sleek and elegant, it covers a portion of the countertop.

The sink is a must-have and so are some of the accessories that usually go with it. This sink, however, was designed in such a way that using these accessories becomes super easy and pleasant. We’re talking about a rotating sink with cutting board and colander.


What’s to know about windows since they all look the same, right? Not exactly. In fact, there are more unique and interesting window designs out there than you think. Take this one, for example. It’s a round window with a really original look.

Or how about this long and thin window? Through it may not be very practical in some ways, it can make a huge difference in a dark space by letting a little bit of light in.{found on plataformaarquitectura}.

Floor-to-ceiling windows usually impress with the views they provide and not the actual design. In this case, things are different and it’s the fact that the window has this unique “A” shape that makes it stand out so much.{found on William O’Brien Jr}.

And speaking of views, what could be more amazing than admiring an uninterrupted image of the sea from your bedroom? It’s all thanks to the minimalist and cool design of these windows.

Garage doors.

What can you possible do to make a garage door cool? Well, you can design a whole new opening system that works perfectly with the new design you had in mind. The result would be this amazing garage door.{found on dwell}.


There are a lot of stunning and amazing staircases out there so making a selection is not easy. Yet we find this particular one to be really interesting because it’s not only a staircase but also a bookcase. You can sit on the steps and read a book and there’s even a built-in slide which makes it a lot more fun.

In the case of this staircase, it’s actually the recessed lighting and the handrail design that make it so interesting. Plus, those white little pebbles create a really zen and chic ambiance throughout.

I don’t know if making a spiral staircase stand out is easier because of its already eye-catching shape or more difficult because of the increased pressure. But one thing is certain: this spiral staircase is one of the coolest and most graceful we’ve ever seen.


This is a big category so we’ve included a variety of elements we think are cool and unique, such as this experimental house called “Roll it”. It’s a cylindrical structure with three different sections dedicated to different functional needs. It includes a bed and a table, an exercise space and a kitchen with a sink.

You’re probably already familiar with this building. Located in Mumbai, India, the residential structure features large balconies and swimming pools on every single floor. The apartments are a sort of luxury residences.

This cantilevered residence hides something really special: a pool with a glass bottom on the cantilevered roof. This means that the pool is see-through and also that it provides a unique ceiling for the outdoor space below. The views from the pool are gorgeous, yet another great plus.

A house with a garage in the living room is pretty cool too. Actually, it’s not exactly a garage but a car gallery, an exhibition space with glass walls that, in this case, is integrated into the living area.

The main reason why we included this summerhouse in the list is its green roof. Don’t you just love the way it makes the house blend in and disappear into the landscape. What a great way to become one with nature.{found on site}.

And speaking of nature, other houses welcome it inside instead of trying to blend in. For example, this residence was built around a set of trees which can admired through a glass partition. The idea is really ingenious. It allows the owners to be close to nature without even leaving the house.{found on tao}.

Similarly, this house has a large tree growing through it. The tree was surrounded by a glass cylinder and it pierces the floor and the roof. It’s a really interesting feature, perfect for the dining space and living area.


In the case of some buildings, there’s no need to go inside to know they have cool designs. This one, for example, has a really great facade with built-in planters. It literary has a wall garden with flowers and plants growing on its facade.{found on Lacaja Arquitectos}.

You know how sometimes people use this type of look when creating gabion walls or when building fireplace walls? Well, this time the design was used for the facade of the house. It’s a really striking contrast.{found on Parque Humano}.

Wine cellars.

Whether you like to drink wine or just collect it, having a wine cellar can prove to be really useful, especially if its look as cool as this. This spiral wine cellar surrounds you with beautifully stacked and organized bottles as you go down the stairs to find the one you need.

Other wine cellars are less compact and a bit more in your face. Take this design for example. A really simple and built-in interpretation and a wonderful focal point for a modern or contemporary home.{found on archilovers}.

Ceilings/ walls.

This architectural design by Corvin Cristian, can be seen in Bucharest inside Studio Hermes, a club and restaurant where a variety of bands come to perform on a regular basis. The design responds to the acoustic requirements of the space.

In Opole, Poland, there’s a cafe that has chocolate walls. Well, actually, it’s just a design trick. Nevertheless, the décor is delicious. Dark chocolate appears to the dripping down the walls and it also covers part of the ceiling.{found on Brokat}.

Offices and headquarters.

We couldn’t possibly talk about amazing offices around the world and not include Google in the discussion. So here’s their Zurich office. It’s, as expected, a playful and fun space. It has a slide that drops employees into the dining area.

The New York office designed for The Barbarian Group features a resin-coated desk that rises and falls in loops. It has wood-lined nooks and corridors beneath and the whole piece forms one continuous and fluid structure.

Front doors.

Everything we’ve described so far impresses in one way or another but it’s perhaps another element that drives people to create a certain first impression upon entering a space. That would be the front door. This one, for example, stands out because of its pivot design and ability to blend in.

Other front doors impress with their size and dimensions. Take this massive door for example. It definitely makes a statement, even if it actually has a very simple design throughout.{found on berarducciarchitecture}.

If it weren’t for that metal track this piece of live edge wood would never suggest it actually serves as a door. Though it may not be a best option as a front door, it’s definitely one of the most interesting sliding doors we could find.{found on traditionalhome}.

And then there’s this door designed by Klemens Torggler. It’s called the Evolution Door and it has a very cool design that allows it to slide itself open. All the door needs is a gentle nudge and then the momentum takes care of everything. It’s amazing just to look at it.

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