75 Direct Sales Tasks to Grow Your Business


75 Direct Sales Tasks to Grow Your Business

Are you in the direct sales businesses and feel like you are spinning your wheels?

You are not alone.

I’ve felt like that more than enough times and those uncertain times compelled me to write out a list of direct sales tasks.

This comprehensive list of direct sales tasks to grow your business will motivate you to take action with your business.

The tasks are broken out by major categories so you can easily focus on one social media channel or overall task category at a time.

Most tasks can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes! #score


  • Schedule 5 posts on your Facebook Business Page
  • Schedule 5 posts in your Facebook Group
  • Research Facebook Groups to join where your ideal client hangs out
  • Update your Call To Action Button
  • Create a new Facebook Business Page Cover Image
  • Create a new Facebook Group Cover Image
  • Update your Facebook Group Member Approval Questions
  • Upload fresh albums in your Facebook Group
  • Add learning units in your Facebook Group


  • Create 4 different sets of Hashtags to use for your posts
  • Research competitors and analyze their hashtag use
  • Create and schedule 5 Instagram posts using Planoly
  • Create your own Instagram Challenge for yourself and your direct sales team
  • Research and reach out to potential collaborators to feature on your Instagram page or inside your Facebook Group
  • Post an Instagram Story
  • Like 100 photos from hashtags you are targeting
  • Comment on 10 photos from hashtags you are targeting


  • Create and pin 5 new pins for your direct sales products
  • Research your Power Pins
  • Schedule 7 days worth of pins using Tailwind
  • Send requests to join 2 more Group Boards on Pinterest
  • Pin 10 pins that have to do with the current seasonal trends
  • Research competitors and create 2 boards that appeal to your target audience
  • Review your Pinterest Analytics and schedule top engaged pins


  • Update and freshen up your Sassy Direct profile
  • Create a new album of direct sales products to share with your followers
  • Write 1 microblog post about a new product, collection, or a post that answers a frequently asked question
  • Share your latest microblog post on social media
  • Create quick video of popular product and publish on Sassy Direct
  • Ask 3 recent customers to write a review on your Sassy Direct profile
  • Update your Sassy Direct Cover Photo
  • Go back to your older microblog posts and find ways to link them to newer posts


  • Write down 5 new blog post ideas
  • Write an outline for 1 new blog post
  • Create new graphics for 3 older posts
  • Create a new printable your readers have been asking for
  • Write a new blog post and make sure your SEO and Readability is “green”
  • Schedule social media promotion of your latest blog posts
  • Research potential blog collaborators and guest post opportunities
  • Update plugins and back up your website
  • Research affiliate opportunities
  • Make sure all blog posts have a clear call to action at the end

Email Subscribers

  • Send email of your latest blog post
  • Create a quick 3-minute video sharing how you accomplish a common tasks your readers frequently ask about
  • Set up a 3 email automated sequence for your new subscribers
  • Cull your email list to remove subscribers who have never engaged
  • Add a subscriber pop up to your blog
  • Analyze which campaigns have a higher engagement rate and why
  • Create a special printable or download just for your subscribers


  • Email or message your customers from last month
  • Research apps like Maven to streamline the follow-up process
  • Create your own templates for common follow-up intervals
  • Offer the join opportunity to repeat customers who would benefit from joining
  • Mail hand-written thank you cards
  • Make notes for customers so you remember their likes, dislikes, favorite products, purchasing patterns
  • Reach out to contacts from any in-home events or vendor events

Back Office

  • Check your back office dashboard for latest company and product news
  • Watch a company provided training
  • Project your monthly goals
  • Check inventory levels
  • Download new corporate graphics to use for social sharing
  • Analyze team numbers and create monthly team goals
  • Printout or export customer reports for easier follow-up


  • Message or Email team members individually for goal setting and individualized support
  • Record yourself accomplishing a common task your team asks about and post it in your team group
  • Create 5 social media images for your team to use
  • Create custom team training based off of your teams needs
  • Set up Zoom calls for your team to discuss team goals and Q&A session
  • Create a FAQ document to share with your team

Graphics & Photography

  • Download a new font or image from Creative Market to freshen up your personal brand and graphics
  • Create engagement posts and keep in a Google folder for easy access anytime anywhere
  • Create quote graphics to use all across your social media channels
  • Photograph products
  • Create 5 new Instagram Templates to use for future Instagram posts
  • Create 5 new Pinterest Templates to use for future Pinterest pins

This comprehensive list of direct sales tasks to grow your business ensures you will never be wondering, “what do I need to do today for my business?”

Comment below with any other tasks you do that drive your business!

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