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If you follow Scandi design then you will already have heard of Kähler. The first Kähler vase was crafted 175 years ago, now I am no pottery expert but I’m pretty sure that means they have more experience in ceramics than most, and the quality of their products exceeds their knowledge (if that is possible).

Kähler are well known for their iconic Omaggio range which comes in a range of sizes and are hand painted might I add, and the newest addition to the Omaggio family is this beautiful pearlescent shade. The pearl is perfect for any decor and I think it’s probably a little bit more flexible that the coloured Omaggio vases as it works with all coloured flowers.

Second up, the Hammershøi Grinders new for Autumn 2016. These are so stunning in person the photos don’t even do them justice – I didn’t know salt and pepper could be so pretty, and if you like the Hammershøi style, there’s so much more to the Hammershøi range, from tea light holders to platters to vases.

Last but certainly not least, another new addition for Autumn 2016. Ombria. A beautiful range of flowerpots, vases, and candleholders, and in my favourite hues – whites, greys, greens and blues. I’ve just germinated my avocado stone so here’s to hoping it grows into a little plant in my new Ombria flowerpot.

If you’re aiming for a truly Scandinavian Christmas year then look no further. The Kähler Nobili range is just perfection as well as the Omaggio Baubles, Urbania Light Houses and without a doubt my favourite Christmas range, the Avvento Christmas Tree Candleholders.

What’s your favourite Kähler product?

Featured products:

Omaggio Vase Pearl, Medium

Omaggio Vase Pearl, Miniature 3 Pack

Hammershøi Grinder Small Anthracite

Hammershøi Grinder Small White

Ombria Flowerpot Large, Marble White

Ombria Vase Small, Marble White

*This post is in collaboration with Kähler but my opinions are my own.

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