Incredible DIY Macrame Projects & Inspired Ideas


I am seeing Macrame Projects make a huge comeback from when I was a child. It the new Boho Chic in home decore. Even so, with this not being a new technique, I am seeing macrame being crafted into all sorts of uses. So many in fact it almost becomes overwhelming on where you would even know where to start! You may find it suprises all the ways it can be used.

Take a look here at some simple DIY Macrame inspired ideas I’ve been coming across.

For starters I’m seeing these feathers EVERYWHERE and I can see why.

Click here for the tutorial on how to make these beautiful macrame feathers above.

Here are some ways these are being incorporated as design elements for home decore.

This particular one below can be purchased here.

Here they are being used to accessorize a purse but you can see can be added to many different elements for fun in this post found here.

One that I really like seeing are the smaller ones as I see them perfect as planner charms or even earrings.

Here is getting out of just the feather look and taking basic Macrame in other uses such as jewelry which I LOVE!

Here are some practical uses that you can do when using Macrame.

Here they are as coasters.

Or a Marcrame table runner or mat.

Mats for the floor even:

Here you can see how it’s been used to decorate containers and baskets.

These pillows! I want a dozen of them right now.

Then used as window treatments and shades.

When colored it looks pretty.

Also you can see it being used to create lamp shades:


How amazing are these Macrame Tents!

Then there are swings and chairs!

There an option for baby and littles too!

Honestly LOVE the bassinet!

Need seating to be stationary have that covered too:

Now you cover all four side and you have stackable boxes! (not shown this way but idea that came to mind while looking at this)

Of course there is shelving:

Then for what I’ve ALWAYS known Macrame to be about which is Plant Holders:


I love how this one is multi functional being a plant holder and window treatment:

Yes they make GORGEOUS handbags using Macrame Techniques:
This particular bag is only $39! What?!

Cute Clutch:

You can even see it being implemented into clothing styles:

I sincerely feel like I could make this post going on to infinity as to everything you could make do with DIY Macrame techniques but I’ve got to end it somewhere. However this photo I think shows just how your home can handle a LOT of these ideas incorporated into your own spaced and it seems it all works! WHat do you think? TOo Much? I think it works! What of these would you see yourself being inpsired to try out for yourself?

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