Print On Demand Sites For Artists – What You Should Know


Print on demand sites for artists are becoming more popular and making it easier for artists to generate extra income.

Are you interested in learning how to sell art prints with no upfront costs?

In this post, you will discover how to find the best POD site for your art business and some other options available to increase your income.

Print On Demand Sites For Artists

Selling prints of your artwork can help you generate more income from one piece of art you created.

But trying to learn how you can have your artwork printed can feel overwhelming at first.

There are three options you will have if you are interested in selling prints of your artwork.

  • You can have a local printing service print your art in bulk.
  • You can make prints yourself.
  • You can use on-demand printing services.

To read more about selling art prints visit How To Sell Art Prints Online.

Before we get started I want to mention the importance of taking high-quality images of your art for print-on-demand printing.

Take some time to learn how to photograph your art. The quality of your images will not only help you sell your original art online, but it will also increase your print sales.

Just like everything else, practice makes perfect.

Practice taking images of your art every day.

Become an expert at photographing art.

Photography is a skill you will not want to overlook.

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Investing in a digital camera will allow you to take high-quality photographs of your artwork for printing.

Popular digital cameras:

You will also want to invest in a tripod, so your photos are not blurry.

Popular tripods:

Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 Carbon Fiber 3-Section Tripod Legs 25-68.9″ –

Print On Demand Sites For Artists – What You Should Know

I have seen many print on demand companies become available for artists in a short amount of time.

Print-on-demand art is now a prominent business because of the rise in online art print sales.

What is Print on Demand sites?

A Print on Demand site is a company that prints images (original art or photographs) or text (books) per order.

All you have to do is upload a high-quality digital image of your art to a POD service and drive traffic to the listing.

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The print on demand site will take the order, make prints of your art, and ship it to the customer.

The amount of money you will make per print will depend on the print on demand site you are using.

You will not make as much money selling prints using print on demand sites for artists, but there are no risks.

You will not have to invest in anything except a good camera and a computer.

Do you want to sell your art on merchandise? 

There is print on demand companies that only focus on fine art prints while other print on demand companies offer prints on merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, giclee fine art prints and thousands of other items.

Print on demand products has become more popular by artists trying to increase there income.

Popular products artists are using print on demand sites for:

  • Print on demand art
  • Print on demand posters
  • Print on demand mugs
  • Print on demand hats
  • Print on demand stickers
  • Print on demand t-shirts
  • Print on demand calendars
  • Print on demand phone cases
  • Print on demand books

Best Print On Demand Sites For Artists

Below are some of the best print on demand sites for artists.

Become familiar with each site’s terms and conditions before committing.

Do not be fooled by the claims of companies having higher quality prints.

Many companies use the same printing and fulfillment centers.

Deciding On Demand On Printing Services

Below are some questions you will want to answers before committing to a service.

How much will you make per print?

The amount of money that you will make per print will vary from site to site. Some sites allow the artist to decide how much money they want to make per print. The company will then add that price to their costs to come up with a selling price. Other sites will only pay the artist 5% of the sales. Every site is different, so make sure you read the fine print.

When will you get paid?

When you get paid will also vary from site to site. Some sites will pay you once a sale has been completed, other sites will hold your money until you reach a specific dollar amount, then they will pay you.

What is the quality of the merchandise?

The quality of the merchandise will very little between the different POD sites. I recommend ordering a print so you can perform a quality check on the merchandise, print quality, package and handling, and customer service.

How much traffic does the site generate?

The amount of traffic will tell you how reputable the company is.

Many artists believe that if a company generates a ton of traffic, they will have a better chance of landing a sale. This is not the case. You will have to market and promote your prints if you are interested in selling a lot of prints. The amount of traffic will only tell you if a company is perceived well by buyers.

Does the site have promotional tools that will work for your goals? 

Most promotional options will be similar. However, some sites will provide better tools for you to use. Take a look at the different options each site has.

Is the site easy to use?

Some sites make it very easy for artists to upload and sell their prints, while other sites make it more challenging. Your time is valuable, decide on what site will be the easiest for you to operate.

Does the site allow you to customize the look and feel of your store?

Will the site allow you to customize your shop to compliment your brand? To be successful in selling art online, you have to make an online presence. This starts with your branding.

Does the site offer analytics?

Most sites I have looked into lack in this category. I am predicting a change shortly. You need to know what is working for you and what is not. If the site does not offer analytics, look into the option of using Google analytics. For you to build your business, you need to know the statistics.

How To Be Successful Selling Prints

The number of sales you generate from selling prints will come from the amount of time you spend on marketing your art.

Do not make the same mistake many artists are making.

They upload an image on a POD site then forget about it.

After a while, they are wondering why they are not selling any prints.

You have to learn how to market your art and drive traffic to your print on demand site where people can make a purchase.

Block off some time every week for marketing.

If you are new to selling art, you will need to focus on the basics.

Visit Sell Art Online Startup Plan to learn how to build a solid foundation for your art business.

Or visit Art Business – Art Marketing Resource for over 400 art marketing articles.

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Final Thoughts On Print on Demand Sites For Artists

Selling prints of your art is a great way for you to generate more money from a piece of art you have already created.

Take some time to decide what will be the best solution for you, either purchasing prints in bulk, printing yourself or using a POD site.

You might want to consider using a print on demand site and learn how to market your prints before you invest in a printer or purchasing prints in bulk.

If you notice a particular print is selling well, you can decide on an alternative printing method so you can make more profit per sale.

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Now that you have a list of some of the most popular Print on Demand sites for artists it is time to take action and spend some time researching to see what will be the best fit for your art business.

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