How I Create Passive Income With Digital Products and SendOwl


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Selling digital products (eBooks, video courses, etc.) is one of the best ways possible to create passive income for your blog. Think about it…you create something once, then sell it again and again on auto-pilot. No matter if you’re sleeping, on vacation, or dropping the kids off at school.

It sounds great, right? Problem is, many of you aren’t sure how to go about it. How on earth do you handle the uploads, downloads, automatic payments, and automatic delivery of your product? It seems like a technical nightmare!

SendOwl to the rescue! Once I discovered SendOwl, I haven’t looked back. This service allows me to easily upload my product, collect automatic payments via PayPal, and automatically delivers my product to my customer. Easy, peasy!

Not only that, but with SendOwl, you can set up an affiliate program of your very own, so that others can sell your product for you! You can choose the commission amount and pay them automatically every month.

It is seriously the best thing ever.

Here is how I make passive income using SendOwl:

I Sell My eBook

Selling an eBook on SendOwl is as simple as uploading it, setting a price, and copying a link to your sales page. When someone purchases my eBook, they are taken through the payment process, and then SendOwl sends them the eBook download automatically. I never have to touch anything now that it is all set up. You can’t beat it.

I Sell Access To My Membership

With SendOwl, you can also set up a membership subscription. My Make Your Blog Beautiful Membership is completely set up through SendOwl. I selected a 3 month recurring membership, but you can set it up to fit your needs. Again, everything is completely on auto-pilot, and I can choose to add things to the member’s side whenever I want to.

I have My Own Affiliate Program

Through SendOwl, I have set up my very own affiliate program, where anyone can sign up and begin promoting my products (and make a 30% commission on every sale!). You can choose the commission rate, and SendOwl keeps track of all sales so that paying your affiliates is easy as pie.

I Refer Others To SendOwl

Whever I promote SendOwl, I earn a commission through their referral program. Anyone can sign up for the referral program, and you can read more about it here.

So, that’s SendOwl in a nutshell. I’ve been selling online since 2004, and to me, it is the easiest way to put sales of digital products and memberships on auto-pilot! Raise your hand if you want passive income, too!

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