Etsy product descriptions: BEST tips + Ultimate listing template


Writing amazing Etsy product descriptions will help you and your products get noticed in the world, increase your sales and stack happy money in your pocket from helping people with your offerings! (YAY!)

If you have no idea how to start, this post has all you need! including some great Etsy listing tips so you can write amazing product descriptions for Etsy (or any other online marketplace) with confidence and ease!

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How to create the perfect Etsy listing in 3 steps:

1. Create a straightforward title

To sell you first need to be found.

And, to be found and reach more of your perfect people the first step is to write the title for your product in the same way they would type it in Google if they were looking for a product like yours to solve their problems.  

So, the title of your Etsy products doesn’t have to be “clever” or “fun” it has to be clear and straightforward.

To discover what are the most popular terms (aka keywords) people use to find the type of products you sell, the Etsy search bar can help you with that!

Similar to creating great content that drives traffic, when you type something in there Etsy shows you a list of recommended search terms. 

Those are the most popular keywords that people use when searching for something to buy.

Take notes of those keywords to include them in your title (and later in your description) because these beauties will help your listing rank in searches.

Etsy Title Examples

So, if you sell wallpapers some Etsy title examples using the keywords from the search bar could be:

Wallpaper peel and stick, floral design perfect for bathroom – Wallpaper roll


Wallpaper mural for kidsBird design – Beautiful nursery wallpaper you can peel and stick samples available”

Pro tip: Use Google and Pinterest to find more keyword ideas that will make your product more searchable (check out this post to learn how to do it). 

2. Show quality photos of your products

Now that you have hit the customer search intent lottery with a keyword rich title, it is time to make their jaws drop with great pictures of your product. 

Let’s start with the basics…

Best image size for etsy listing

So, what size should Etsy images be? well, the recommended aspect ratio for an Etsy listing photo and thumbnail is 4:3.

Etsy also asks for a minimum of 2000px for the shortest side of the image, so it won’t be blurry if someone tries to zoom in.

Meaning, your Etsy product image size should be at least 2700 px wide and 2025 px height.

Canva makes it so easy to create and resize pictures following these guidelines. If you haven’t tried it yet check it out here.

How do I take good pictures for Etsy?

According to Pinterest, photos of products in lifestyle settings get more clicks. 

If you can hire or collab with a professional photographer that’s amazing, but if not, then natural lighting and your phone can do wonders!

For outdoor pictures, around sunrise and sunset are the best time to take pictures.

It is known as “Golden Hour” or “Magic Hour.” Checkout this free app to see at what time exactly the next Magic hour is happening in your area.

To take indoor pictures, do it close to a window and test throughout  the day to see what time gives you the best result.

You can also create your own luxurious backdrop using peel and stick paper.  Check out this marble one!  You just need to add it to a plain surface or to a piece of plywood and boom! Cute, practical and stylish backdrops for your products!

If you are selling digital goods, then mock ups are your best friend! I got mine from the Ivory Mix membership and I love them.  It makes your product look amazing and feel more “real.”

Take your Etsy Product descriptions to the next level with videos!

Etsy now has the option to add a 5 to 15 second video to your listings! So when taking your pictures, remember to also record some mini clips.  

The video won’t have sound on Etsy so think about how you can show its best features and ways it can be used.

Record your videos on high resolution (1080 or  higher).  You can film all 15 seconds in one take, or record different clips and then use iMovie on the computer or an app like Splice on your phone to stitch your favorite recorded parts together. 

Pro Tip: Reuse these short videos to promote your products on Instagram stories, Tik Tok, Pinterest or the social media where your ideal client hangs out on the most! “If content is king, distribution is queen.”

3. How to write Etsy descriptions


Writing amazing Etsy product descriptions starts with knowing your ideal customer, how they are feeling at this moment, and how you can help them solve their problem with your product.


”If you don’t solve a problem, you don’t have a business”.


Once you identify the problem, focus on what they want and tell them how your product can help them achieve that. 

Talk about the transformation your product could create in their life! And even better, if you can support your words with before and after photos or the video in your listing.


Then mention the features of your product, which is the more technical stuff like the size, format, etc. 

To make product features more exciting and interesting link each one of them to a benefit. For example, Instead of saying  “Size: 1 by 3 inches” say  “It’s only 1 by 3 inches, so you can take it with you everywhere.”


A FAQS section is a great way to address objections and give people all the information they would need to know to make a decision to buy.

Don’t know what these objections or questions may be? Show your new product to family, friends and ideally potential customers, then take notes of all the questions they have.

This is an ever growing section, because once you publish your listing you will most likely get more questions from people looking at your listing, and you can go back to add the most relevant ones to your description.

◆ THE LEGAL STUFF Remember to include the important legal stuff like disclaimers, terms and policies. Do you have a return policy? Let them know!How can they use your products? are they for personal use only or can they sell goodies made using your product (aka commercial license).

If you are selling digital products it is also super important to mention that nothing physical will be shipped to them, because some people may not realize that.

Bonus Etsy listing tips to make your Etsy product descriptions crush it!

1. Write your draft using something like Google docs, this way you will also have a backup easily accessible from your computer and phone.

2. Know your ideal client, pay attention to the words they use. Then write your description like if you were talking to a friend and use the same words your ideal client use.

3.To make your Etsy product descriptions easy to read use:

– Short descriptive sentences.

– Bullet Points.

– Subheadings to address each section like “What are you getting” or “How does it work.” 

4. Integrate the keywords you found from the search bar along your description in a natural way.

5. Sprinkle a couple of sensory words to help your product come alive in people’s mind like if it was in their hands. Sensory words are all those that appeal to the five senses, for example: radiant, crunchy, soft, juicy, fragrant, etc.

Like Maya Angelou once said:

“People may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you make them feel.”

6. Use all the tags. Etsy listings have a special section where you can use up to 13 “tags” per item. Those tags are your opportunity to include a word or short phrase that describe your product.

And, each tag is a chance to match with a shopper’s search! so use some of the keywords found in your research but aim for the most descriptive ones instead of generic ones.

Use 2 or 3 word tags and add things like: materials, techniques, who it is for, shopping occasions, size, or solution-oriented attributes. 

But…How do I get to know my ideal client better?!

If you are thinking ok this is great, but Lore, how do i get to know my ideal client’s struggles, words, and questions if i’m just starting?

Well, the ideal is to interview someone that represents your perfect customer, but if you don’t know anyone yet to help you with that,  here are 3 of my favorite places to look for your ideal client’s struggles online: 

Blog or Quora comments.

Find articles that your ideal client would be reading and check the comments section! A lot of people voice their pain points and questions over there. Take notes and think of how your products can help ease those problems.

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are another great resource to read people’s comments and questions but also to go and ask them directly!


Yep, the place that apparently has all the answers! Lol 

Try googling “Struggles of ” Chances are someone has already written an article talking about their struggles or has interviewed several people in your niche talking about it.

For example if your ideal customers are college students, it would look something like this: 

Easy right?! By using any of those 3 methods you will have a ton of ideas to start with! 🙂

What’s next? The Etsy description template!

Get your Etsy listing template and ultimate product descriptions workbook to start making the magic happen and implement all the things you learnt today! 

“The distance between dreams and reality is called action,” so let’s make this happen!

This 14 page document walks you through each step of crafting amazing Etsy product descriptions with ease!

It has 3 different sections:


A place to write down all the important details you need to add to your listings so you can create on point descriptions that speak to your clients and makes them want your product NOW!

PART 2: ETSY product description TEMPLATE

If you think writing doesn’t come naturally to you, I hear you! That’s why I love templates, because they make writing feel like a game, and this baby will give you all the ignition you need to create an amazing product description!

With this product description template PDF, all you have to do is fill in the blanks to start using it! It works whether you have a physical or digital product to sell.


To make sure you won’t miss anything you also get a list of things to check before hitting “publish” on your Etsy listing.

And that’s it! Woop woop ready to get found and make sales!?

This Etsy listing template and ultimate product descriptions workbook is a “pay what you can” instant download! 😍 

✨ Make it yours for $2.22, $7.77 or whatever your heart desires 

Wrapping it up

Most of the tips on this post and the product description template above apply not only for Etsy but for any other online marketplace or platform like for example big cartel or creative market.

Marketplaces like Etsy are amazing for traffic because they have tons of people visiting every day! But, I highly recommend you to also create your own website shop using something like woocommerce or sendowl as soon as you can.

Having your own site gives you full control over it and can potentially save you some money on fees. *wink wink*

You can always have your own shop and still keep your Etsy shop, this way you give people more ways to find you and buy from you! 🙂

Being an entrepreneur is a wild ride, so remind yourself that having a business doesn’t make “You” the business. 

Remove yourself from the product you are selling and become OBSESSED with the problem you are solving.

It will make things 100x more light and fulfilling. 

Love ya and I want to see you win!! 💕

P.S. Creating helpful content can help you get more eyes on your business, that’s why having a blog is one of the best marketing strategies ever! Checkout my step by step guide to start a blog here. 

P.S.S. This article was all about how to write amazing Etsy product descriptions and the ultimate Etsy listing description template. If you want to learn more content creation tips check out the “Monetize” section.

WAS THIS Etsy product descriptions POST HELPFUL?

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