How to Create and Sell Digital Products


Digital products are a great way to make some extra money and provide knowledge to your online audience. Today I want to talk about how to create and sell digital products online.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to creating digital products! Some planning and work is all it takes to create digital products to sell.

Below are some things to consider when creating digital products now.

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My Past Experiences

Before I go any further, I want to tell you about my background. I’m sure you are wondering why you should listen to me, when I talk mainly about gardening here.

I’ve spent the past 17 years in the field of education, as a teacher, aide, tutor, and behavior therapist. I’ve had to think on my feet, as well as create many activities to reach my students and help them succeed.

While I love teaching and tutoring in person, I also love how I’ve been able to reach thousands of people all over the world through Blooming Anomaly!

I love how I’ve been able to use my skills as a teacher to teach others about gardening and blogging.

I’ve also been a visual artist for as long as I can remember, and love how I can use my creative skills here by creating images and products to share with my followers.

Start a Blog

I will say you don’t have to start a blog to provide digital products on, but it’s a great idea! I started this blog before creating my digital products, so figured my blog would be a great platform to showcase my products on.

I recently switched to Siteground, which is a great self-hosted platform if you are serious about making money with your blog someday. They offer great extras with their plans and have excellent customer service!

Some bloggers have many digital products while others focus on creating blog posts with some products that sell on their site. It’s really up to you and what your goals are for your blog.

Once you gain momentum on your blog and are getting visitors to your site, you can start thinking about products to sell to your audience.

What Digital Products to Sell

Not sure what digital products to sell? I wasn’t either. For the longest time, the only digital product I had available to my followers was a freebie for my email subscribers.

It can take some time, as well as trial and error to figure out what digital products to sell to your audience.

Ideas for Digital Products

Research the internet to get ideas for your products. Find out what other bloggers in your niche are selling to their followers.

Subscribe to some of your favorite bloggers to see what freebies they provide to their audience too. Seeing what other bloggers offer as freebies in your niche can give you an idea of what people want.

Another great place to look is within your audience. If you have an email list, ask your subscribers what they need. Ask questions on your social media platforms to see what your followers on there are looking for.

Run polls on social media, your blog, and email your subscribers to see what they want from you.

Another great place to look is Google Analytics to see what your most popular posts are. You can create digital products from those too!

If you have several freebies you provide to your blogging audience, you can create some products that they find valuable based on those freebies.

How to Create Digital Products

This is the fun part! You can create digital products using several programs. There is Photoshop, Microsoft word, Google Docs, and Canva, to name a few.

I create most of my Pinterest images, freebies, and digital products with Canva. Sometimes I’ll save a copy on Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

I recently upgraded to Canva Pro and love how many more images, fonts, and other features are available to create products and more!

The free version of Canva also has tons of great resources to create products with.

Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products can be a little tricky, especially if you are a beginner. I now reach thousands of people all over the world on the blog, which is awesome, but how do I turn these visitors into clients?

Let your followers know about your products. You can set up a shop page like I did that lists all the products you offer. You can also add links to your blog posts that are related to your product.


You can also offer your products on another site. I decided to use Gumroad, since I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the site from other bloggers.

Gumroad makes it easy to sell digital products with beautifully laid out pages that are easy to read and buy items from. I also have links to Gumroad on my blog and links on my social media platforms.


Pinterest is another great way to let your audience know about your digital products. Create pins that mention your products and schedule them on Pinterest to get thousands of visitors to see your products.

You can check out my blog post to learn more about how to use Pinterest.

Email Subscribers

Your email subscribers will be your most loyal audience. I explain this in more detail in this post. Make sure you let your subscribers know about any products you are selling!

This can be as easy as sending them a special email about your product, or just including a mention of your product with a link so that they can easily find and buy it from you!

Social Media

If you have a blog set up, you are probably also on several, if not all social media platforms. Don’t forget to let your followers on these sites know about your new products!

How Many Followers Do I Need?

This is a common question many people have when they start a blog or other online venture. It’s great to have a ton of visitors, but there is no magic number for how many followers you need before you start thinking about selling to them.

As long as you know what your audience wants, get started on creating a product you know they will love!

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