Are you considering selling printables online? It is a great way to generate passive income.

Today we are going to explore how to make printables using Canva!


One of the most popular downloads to sell online are printables. Printables are documents that can be printed and used by customers. They include downloadable weekly planners, trackers, journals, stickers, art prints, checklists, spreadsheets, worksheets, and more!

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But you may be wondering: do people need printables and will they actually pay for them?

Printables serve a practical purpose and research suggested that taking notes by hand can help process information better because you put it in your own words.

Personalized products are always a huge hit with shoppers. I am listing examples of successful printable businesses to inspire you!

My go-to program for creating printables is Canva.

I use it to create my Pinterest graphics, headers announcements, ads, and so much more.

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After you have signed up, pick a template. They have over 50,000 templates to choose from. Click on a design you like and it will take you to a dashboard.

From there you can customize the planner anyway you like.


Experiment with colors and pick ones that fit your style. By simply clicking on an object on the template, a color scheme will pop up on the top. You can choose from a default set presented to you by the software of you can pick one and customize from the color wheel.


By clicking on the text on the template, you can change the font and text.

You will get a series of font choices on the top left corner. You can click on the dots on the edges to resize or you can pick a font size from the pop up as well.


Canva has a ton of FREE beautiful illustrations, images and graphics that you can use for your Printable.

Go to the “Elements” section and click on shapes, lines, etc. to find what you need. You can type what you are looking for in the search bar.

You can re-size, and change the transparency of the elements.

By clicking on any of the elements on the template, be it text or graphic, you can push it behind other elements or bring it forwards.

You can also lock elements on place to stop them from accidently shifting.

I customized the template I choose and this is the end result.

Your final steps are – save and download.

Canva automatically saves your creations in their dashboard which you can access from your home page.

On the top right side, rename your printable.

Click on the download button. They present different file types.

I always use PDF so I go for PDF Print – it gives high-quality document which looks perfect when printed.

So what do you think? Creating printables isn’t that hard, is it?

Try Canva Pro FREE for 30 Days today and let your creativity flow. Hope this guide on how to create printables using Canva helps you kick-start your own printable business! Let me know how your experience was.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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