Small Business Printables for Bloggers & Freelancers

by myklist

As a freelancer and blogger I often find that typical budgets and business documents don’t work for me. I end up creating my own custom Excel sheets and small business printables that I use throughout the year to keep my business organized.

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It occurred to me as I was prepping for 2014 that some of my readers may be in the same boat. Whether you’re a small business owner, blogger, or freelancer I’m hoping you’ll find these printables and templates useful.

You can easily customize the templates to suit your style, favorite colors, and fonts. Or you can simply print these out and get organized.

While I love digital technology I find that having things written down really helps me make the budget, to-dos, and ideas more concrete. They simply stick better in my brain for some reason. I use a ‘brain’ binder that includes sections for each area of my life as well as my business. It makes it simple to see everything with a quick look and I’m less apt to drop one of the many balls I juggle.

Templates for Freelancers and Bloggers

The editorial calendar template is super simple to use and you can type in your content and then add to it or check things off as you go. Below you’ll see a sneak peek of how I used the template for January. In addition to my content I also use a different color to track freelance writing projects and their due dates.

Download the Editorial Calendar Template/Printable

A big part of running a blog and working as a freelancer is tracking my income. Since there are so many sources of income (ads, affiliates, sponsors, freelance writing or social media work) I find it is imperative to track my income. While I also track my budget and maintain my accounts online this helps me track down any missing payments and see how much I have coming in from previous work. Since freelance work often means a variety of payment dates (some clients pay immediately, some in 30 days, some 90 days after the work is complete) the freelance income tracker is key to keeping it all in one place. Since you can customize this you may add contact info for your client or other information, but this simple template is a good place to start.

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Download the Freelance Income Tracker Template/Printable

While I’m starting with two templates of small business printable I plan to share more throughout the coming weeks – so if you have something you’d like to see let me know!


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