You NEED This to Market Your Blog or Shop on Pinterest


Many of you have been around the blogosphere for years while some, such as myself, are pretty damn new. Whichever category you fall into, you’ve probably seen what Pinterest can do for bloggers and small business owners: more traffic!

If you’re already a Pinterest user like myself, you’ve likely found some of your favorite bloggers and articles on the site without thinking about why or how you actually got there.

Looking at some of the most successful Pinterest users, you see some general trends:

  • Their number of pins is in the thousands
  • They have a minimum of a dozen boards
  • Their profile is complete – they have a photo, website, and well thought out description of who they are
  • They seem to pin and repin 24/7??!

So assuming you have all of the things in the first three bullets, you probably don’t want to spend every waking hour on Pinterest JUST to promote your blog or business. I sure don’t.

What’s the go to solution I’ve found? Tailwind.

Tailwind is a web app that allows you to schedule pins while they optimize the best time of day to post them – in order to get the most views. It works by allowing you to install the Tailwind browser button so that you can schedule pins of your blog posts, products, and even other existing pins. Having used Tailwind for a couple years now, I have nothing but praise!

I have been using Tailwind to schedule my shop listings as I create new products. This allows me to disperse my products into my other pins without making my followers feel overloaded by product promos. I make sure to schedule in other relevant pins, usually related to interior design that my followers would also be interested in. At any given time I try to maintain 10% of posts as my products, and the other 90% of posts from other accounts and blogs. This keeps me from coming off to sales-y.

Convinced yet? Tailwind offers a free trial version (no credit card required). Click the referral link below and see for yourself!

Some of my favorite Tailwind features:

  • You can schedule dozens of pins at once to multiple boards! Just go to your Pinterest page and hit that browser button to select the pins you want to schedule. Talk about time savings.
  • The shuffle feature. This keeps your pinning schedule nice and random so you’re not posting the same things in a row.
  • Optimized pins. Tailwind makes sure everything you pin has a link and title to get the best visibility for your pins, and ultimately for your account.
  • Metrics! Not only does Tailwind show you your new repins and followers, but you can also see which of your boards perform the best.
  • Tailwind Tribes are where it’s at. This is a recent feature that encourages Tailwind users to join tribes and repin each other’s content. This is much like a group board on Pinterest, but 1000x more effective.

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