Sketch Tattoos Look Like They’ve Been Drawn On With A Pencil

by myklist

You don’t want your tattoo to look unfinished. However, Nomi Chi’s tattoos are attractive precisely because of their sketch-like look. While drawings might be black and white or colored, and filled with details, these tattoos still have the rough lines and circles used in sketches. This creates a sense of immediacy not usually found in ‘finished’ work.

Naomi Chi is a tattoo artist from Vancouver, Canada who currently works at Gastown Tattoo. “My interest in visual art was spurred by animation, so capturing movement is important to me,” Chi told Brown Paper Bag. “I also strive to implicate a kind of immediacy in my my tattoos, so there’s a lot of improvisation — It keeps the process fresh and fun for me. I’m glad my clients like it too, of course!”

More info: | facebook | instagram (h/t: designtaxi)

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