20 Alluring Asscher Cut Engagement Rings (Feminine & Meticulous!)


​In this article we discuss why you might want to pop the question with an Asscher cut engagement ring. For that matter, if you’ve never heard of ‘Asscher cut,’ what is it? Plus, we highlight 20 beauties found while browsing our favorite online shops.

Why an Asscher Cut Ring?

Asscher cut rings have a special sophistication and vintage-come-retro feel to them that we think you will just love. Despite being unique, many rings are understated and elegant.

The original Asscher cut was developed and established by the Asscher family in 1902. It was created at the time of the First World War as well as the Art-Deco period, which helps to explain the retro feel.

What is an Asscher Cut Ring?

It has 58 facets and an octagonal shape. After relatives of the original creators realized the cut was still popular in the United States, they redeveloped it by adding 16 extra facets. This more recent model is known as the Royal Asscher cut, and ​still keeps its angular shape.

An Asscher cut ring tends to indicate the wearer is feminine and meticulous. If that sounds like your partner, maybe you should add this ring style to your list of potential engagement rings to buy.

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Has the Asscher cut tickled your fancy? ​Read on to discover our top picks from awesome Etsy sellers and others.

​1. Asscher Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring​

by Blue Nile

The halo ring is a popular choice amongst celebrities and royalty alike. The shape allows for the light to hit the gemstone and simply dazzle! It fits perfectly with a retro feel, as it was a popular style at the time that the Asscher cut was developed – in the early 1900s.

This particular Asscher cut ring features micropavé-set diamonds and a center Asscher cut stone, sold by a trusted online jeweler Blue Nile. The platinum band is thin and dainty, which allows the center stone to do what it does best: impress.

2. Asscher Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

by WMDJewelry

Cheesy line alert: Looking for something as bright as your newlywed future together?

Well, we think you just have to take a look at this dazzling ring. There’s something so special about how the light hits the center. Plus, the design is modern yet uber art deco and vintage.  It is set on a white gold split band for a geometric feel with a shine that we just love.

3. Vintage Asscher Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring  

by EstateDiamondJewelry

Another halo design from a top Etsy seller, but with the slight twist of the Fleur-de-Lis band, which gives it an artsy, vintage feel. This ring is purely inspired by Art Deco, and features diamond embellishments all around the delicate halo band. Even around the Asscher cut there are diamonds to make it super spectacular.

4. Vintage Art Deco Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

by TheAntiqueParlour

The piece is extremely rare, and naturally the Asscher cut makes it all the more special. It is mounted diagonally for a unique style, and features three single cut diamonds on each shank in a leaf-like design.

5. Asscher Cut Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring

by EternalJewelryLV

Cubic zirconia is a synthesized material (low cost) perfect for a couple on a budget! This ring is even more spectacular thanks to its sleek band, which can be made in white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold . If your partner wants something that truly stands out from the crowd, without the hefty price tag, take a look at this stunner.

6. Modern Square Asscher Cut Ring

by ScottBonomoDiamonds

For those who want a low-key vibe with a tiny price tag, this is an Asscher cut in a more modern square shape; handmade in the USA and available in either silver or gold.

7. 2-Carat Moissanite & Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

by RavenFineJewelers

A gorgeous ring with blue undertones when the light hits the center, making it a truly spectacular piece to pop the question. With diamond embellishments, you can’t really go wrong. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Plus, the ring is made to order. Customize it to really fit the mood, and buy something truly personal for one of the biggest moments of your life.

8. Vintage Style Moissanite & Diamond Halo Ring

by RavenFineJewelers

Here is another 2-Carat ring to make a romantic statement. This ring is understated compared to previous rings, and the band is slightly thicker and simpler. For this ring, choose between white gold, gold or platinum. Although white gold is a popular choice for engagement rings, we’re seeing some brides choose yellow gold or platinum as a metal.

9. Double-Edge Halo Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

by BocajNarima

I hear you saying, “3-carats, yes please!!”

This gorgeous ring is straight out of a fairy tale, made for a princess! Any Prince Charmings out there, we’re pretty sure she will fall in love with this ring the moment you pop it on her finger. It is a rare style, with gemstones continuing throughout the ring band, and polished in white, rose, or yellow gold for an extra glistening finish.

10. Zaya Moissanite and Diamond Asscher Cut Ring

by jhollywooddesigns

This vintage-inspired ring is certainly original. An eight-prong design highlights the octagonal shape of the Asscher cut and gives it an even more dazzling finish. Customize it to your future fiancée’s tastes, with a choice of gold or platinum, and even choose the size of the center stone.

11. Antique Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

by EstateDiamondJewelry

Great Gatsby movie calling, they want this ring back on set pronto!

A ring straight that looks like it belongs in the art deco era, probably because it is an authentic engagement ring from the 1920s. Cut in platinum with Edwardian influences, the laurel leaf band makes it unique yet feminine. And the embellished frame around the gemstone makes it all the more perfect. Although colorless, once the light hits the stones it will just dazzle!

12. Hand Engraved Milgrain Asscher Cut Ring

by Orospot

This gorgeous ring is inspired by vintage style and Edwardian antiques. It features a play on symmetry, with a bold center stone and the smaller adjoining stones. An engraved floral design is featured on the band, which makes it all the more feminine and timeless.

13. Asscher Cut Alexandrite Ring With Rose Gold Band

by Belloring

This ring features Asscher-cut Alexandrite with diamond sidestones. The twisty rose gold band makes it feminine and chic. A modern-day take on the Asscher cut engagement ring; it is understated and classy.

14. Melee Setting Platinum Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring

by jetflair

Looking for something a little more extravagant? This Asscher cut engagement ring with platinum band may be exactly what you are searching for. This ring is pretty much royalty-worthy, and shows off the center stone nicely. Of course, an extravagant ring like this features diamonds all across the band too.  She is not going to believe her eyes when she sees this one!

15. Asscher Cut Moissanite & Diamond Ring

by DiorahJewellery

This ring was made for a confident and daring woman who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd! The gray moissanite is sultry and chic while the diamond accents give it the perfect amount of feminine sparkle, making this the perfect mix of modern and traditional. This piece is also available in an array of metals that you can match to your fiancée’s preference. Personally, I think this dark gemstone would look incredible set against a rose gold band!

16. Vintage-Style Asscher Cut Ring

by PristineCustomRings

Sophisticated, opulant, and inspired by the trends of the roaring 20’s, this ring is perfect for the woman who knows her worth and can’t be bothered with a passing trend. The asscher cut moissanite accented with round, colorless diamonds and the geometric, art deco inspired shapes are sure to impress those with even the highest of standards!

17. Asscher Cut Lavender Spinel Ring

by DaintyByJoy

How could Love & Lavender not include this gorgeous lavender spinel ring? Sold by highly rated Etsy seller DaintyByJoy, this piece is handmade, ethically sourced, and absolutely one of a kind. The blush tone of the gemstone compliments the sparkle of the diamond halo to perfection, making this a timeless piece of jewellery made to fit a wide variety of tastes. 

18. Asscher Cut Pink Morganite Ring

by RareEarth

Soft, feminine, and timeless, this vintage inspired morganite engagement ring is perfect for the hopeless romantic in your life! The blush pink tone of the gemstone makes this piece equal parts unique and versatile, while the art deco shapes give it a vintage touch that will make her feel like a true old Hollywood heroine.

19.Asscher Cut White Sapphire Ring with Diamond Split Band

by EVSJewelryDesign

You really can’t go wrong with this pick. The white sapphire at the center makes this ring undeniably unique, while the two rows of diamonds on either side is right on trend with the more popular, extravagent engagement rings of today. The only thing your fiancé will love more than this ring is the reaction she’ll get when she shows it off! Stunning.

20. Asscher Cut Diamond and Double Halo Ring

by RavenFineJewelers

Wow the diamond addict in your life with this breathtaking beauty from RavenFineJewelers. The 1-carat knock-out in the center would be make this ring a beautiful piece on it’s own, but it is made even better by the double diamond halo and diamond encrusted band, ensuring a brilliant sparkle from every angle. Pair with the perfectly designed wedding band included and watch her never take her eyes off of it (or you)!

So there you have it, our top picks for Asscher cut engagement rings. Now get searching for the perfect ring and be sure to let us know in the comment section what you end up buying!

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