Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Setup & Adorable Inspiration


Featured Image Credit: Manon

Now that you have your basic pages set up, its time to add a mood tracker!

My mood tracker is one of my favorite pages in my bujo since I struggle with my “moods” sometimes… I find that it helps me keep things in check and it’s satisfying to track no matter how I feel that day

(just want the examples? go to #4 in the table of contents!)

What Is A Mood Tracker?

In the most basic sense, a mood tracker is just a way to record your daily “mood” over a complete month

Whether you’re tracking just a few moods or you want to have a lot of variations, it’s an awesome way to get a birds-eye view of your feelings! One thing that I really like is that fact you can go back and look at how things on a certain day affected your mood

Circle Vs Icons

I’ve found that there are two main ways to set up your tracker…

The first dividing a circle into the days of the months and coloring them in depending on how you’re feeling

The second being drawing an icon for each and coloring them in each day to match your mood

I personally like setting up a circle because it’s way easier and I can see the contrast between the days a bit better. And, I’m not that great at drawing icons and doodle yet! ?

So if you’re a beginner and want to get a mood tracker quickly set up, the circle is the way to go

But if you have the time, the designs with the icons for each day look amazing as well!

I have examples of both below…

What To Track

Now that you’ve chosen between the two variations, its time to figure out how many “moods” you want to track

The most basic way to get going is to just track:

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Meh / Neutral

If you want to get more detailed you can track different emotions like:

  • Productive
  • Angry
  • Relaxed
  • Nervous
  • Grateful

Just to name a few…

Last but not least you can use just smiley faces to describe how you’re feeling

A lot the of examples I’ve found use this method

Mood Tracker Inspiration

Now that you have a good feeling for how to set up your mood tracker, its time to get some ideas!

Like I mentioned above, I’m not the best at drawing so getting inspiration from some of these bujo pros really helps me…

Here are some of the trackers I love:


Photo credit: Medine on Instagram

This is a stunningly unique tracker!

It’s SO unique that I spent quite a bit of time looking at for a while to capture all of the details of the artwork

I love the mountain theme, or maybe it’s a glacier theme for January with a twist. This could be a glacier falling, or it could be a mountain inside of a bubble

I like that you can look at it how you want to, but it doesn’t take from the beauty of the artwork itself. My favorite part is how out of the 5 moods she has, two of them are “productive, and confused”

If you know me then you know unique moods that aren’t just “happy, sad, mad” etc… make me happy. This is awesome!


Photo credit: Michenou on Instagram

This is such a clever paint theme, it almost gave me a stroke!

What I love so much about this layout is that even though it looks like there’s a ton of preparation involved in this piece, there really isn’t. It’s really just a couple of crooked lines and a big paintbrush, but WOW the turn out is going to be filled with color

Every day she fills in the paint stroke with a different color depending on her mood, and the strokes take up the entire page

Coloring is proved to be a destresser, and this would be calming to do as well as gorgeous when it’s all completed

I can’t get enough of this!

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Photo credit: Manon on Instagram

This is just amazing. So pretty, so soft, love the greens, and just all around an optimal mood tracker

I love watercolors, don’t you?

They give off such an elegant and peaceful vibe to any tracker

She does an incredible job using watercolors to look as if the artwork itself is fading away in the background, and I’m also into a good circle/dotted tracker because they are extremely neat, clean, and effective

I’ll be getting into watercolors a lot more over the next couple months and will be using this as inspiration!


Photo credit: Viola on Instagram

This cactus-themed mood tracker is looking sharp, literally! ?

If you’re a lover of cacti or succulents, this is a simple yet useful mood tracker with a unique addition to it

What makes this one so creative is that she has already colored in the plants themselves, and every day you are coloring a different pot based on your mood with 5 different colors from oranges to yellows to blues

Once the tracker itself is drawn, tracking the mood is made effective and simple. There’s not an imperfection on this tracker and I am obsessed!

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Photo credit: Viola on Instagram

The rainbow camera in this mood tracker is seriously goals

Everything about this from the layout, to the colors, and the possibility it gives you to color the day with more than just ONE mood and emotion makes it one of my favorites, ever

I mean let’s be honest, are we ever just one mood throughout the entire day?

I have ups and downs hourly at times, and a tracker like this makes it possible to show that with more than one color. Pus, the pixels hanging on the string?

What a unique and creative idea! I will definitely be recreating this next month!

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Photo credit: Marieke on Instagram

This sleep tracker is out of this world, literally ?

If you know me then you know I absolutely love a good space theme, but even more so with this one because of how unique it is

She takes up the entire page of her mood tracker with a stunning galaxy drawing including planets, and stars… And let me just say, the talent behind the artwork itself is incredible!

But it doesn’t stop there

She THEN fills in the spaces between the planets with pink, blue, or purple galaxy like colors based on her mood

The end product when the month is over is going to be literally something I’d buy in a print and put in my room. Love it!

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Photo credit: Jashii Corrin on Instagram

Another potted plants theme that I am absolutely in love with!

This one is actually a step and mood tracker all in one, and I never thought to incorporate those together!

After I go to the gym I always feel 100 times better, and it seems like she does too!

The purple plants with the brown pots are beautifully drawn, and the brown border really ties everything together

It’s clean, effective, and drawn with plenty of gorgeous details. I’m all about this one!


Photo credit: Julia on Instagram

BEAR with me while I do my best to try to describe the cuteness of this bear-themed mood tracker!

I’m absolutely obsessed with this. She has 6 rows of bears she has drawn, but not all of the same bear… Koala bears, brown bears, panda bears, and polar bears are all drawn to perfection on this mood tracker

Then, depending on her mood for the day is the way she draws the bears face. Sometimes it’s happy, sad, neutral, etc

She even goes further to surround this drawing by forest and jungle-like leaves to give it an awesome and unique touch

What an adorable turnout, I love this beary much!


Photo credit: Paper Mango on Instagram

Beleaf me, this is an optimal, clean, and perfect inspiration for fall

What is the fall season like where you guys live?

In Michigan, it’s the most stunning time of year. Leaves turn from greens to oranges, reds, and yellows, the air is brisk, and nature itself is aesthetically in its prime. I love sweaters, scarfs, coffee, and taking runs out in back roads in the fall

During these months I have to incorporate leaves into my trackers, and journal.

his leaf tracker is simple: A different leaf for every day of the month and a different color based on mood. Simple as it is, you could customize colors the way you want and it and really make it pop!

I love it!


Photo credit: Plinth on Instagram

“I will show you a love potion without any herb or drug; or any witches spell if you wish to be loved. Love” – Charles Lindbergh

I’m definitely feeling the love potion from this tracker!

This artist has 31 awesome potions drawn, all unique in their own way. I have to say the turnout of this tracker is absolutely stunning!

They leave the potion bottles themselves in black and white and colors the inside every day based on their mood

As a fellow Harry Potter Fan, I wish I would have stumbled on this sooner when I was doing a theme this last October. This one is magical!


Photo credit: Vincendit on Instagram

As simple as this cloud themed mood tracker is to create, it has a lot of color and uniqueness to it!

I always find some of the best mood trackers to be the ones where you can look at them, and know what the general consensus of the mood is without tracking the key

She has beautifully drawn clouds and while some of them are filled in blue, there are a couple of black clouds mixed in and it’s pretty obvious what that means

This would be great for a beginner, or somebody who is busy and is tracking too many other things to get too consumed by the mood trackers but still wants to have one to keep track

And by the way, if you’re ever wondering what kind of shorts clouds wear… thunderwear

Boom, roasted ?️


Photo credit: Bullet Journal Inspiration on Instagram

Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 ft tall!

Do you guys go out and get a live tree or do you use a fake one?

I’m a crazy cat lady, and I have a cat appropriate Christmas tree to go with it! Cats are notorious for attacking them the second after they are decked to perfection

It takes some cats just seconds to turn a perfect tree into a mangled shrub full of broken ornaments, and mine are the head criminals to this crime. I was inspired by a UK company who is selling trees that look like this to shave the entire bottom of my fake tree off

The end product is actually very modern and cute, with a half-naked long and skinny tree that you can decorate closer to the top of, so your cats can’t break all of your ornaments

This Christmas tree mood tracker is not inspired by cats, but it’s still extremely adorable and absolutely perfect for the holidays!

I love how the ornaments are little circles, and you color them in bigger or smaller depending on the mood, and the drawing of the tree itself is stunning, and with no imperfections. Meowy Christmas!

Flower Mood Tracker

Photo credit: Anne on Instagram

“She does love lavender because it’s the color of transformation”. -Felicity Huffman

I love this lavender flower-themed mood tracker! One of my favorite kinds of mood trackers are those that are circular with colors filled in based on mood

This one has a grouping of purple flowers surrounded by the tracker and the darker the purple color, the better the mood

If you’re like me and are also tracking your habits and sleep, a color mood tracker makes it easy to remember, and quick to fill out. Very pretty!

Always Happy For Guac

Photo credit: Brooke on Instagram

An avocado-themed mood tracker GUACS my world!

If you like avocado (which if you don’t, why) and you love bright green summery colors and gorgeous artwork, this is the mood tracker for you during the summer months

This is probably one of my favorite mood tracker ideas I have EVER seen, and it tracks sleep too!

The avocado is bright and stunning, the brown pit is lifelike, and the green colors come together gorgeously. I love how on the left page she has the pretty artwork and the mood tracker itself but utilizes the right side to make her sleep tracker large and effective

I would definitely It’s so bright and happy, you’ll want it in your life ?

Mandala Bujo Mood Tracker

Photo credit: Megan’s Studies on Instagram

When I first got into traveling the mandala was something I quickly learned about and looked to for inspiration, so much so that I felt the need to put a small one on my body permanently

When you look at this gorgeously drawn mandala on this theme and others I’m sure they will mean more to you now, and this one specifically is drawn to perfection

The best part about the mandala is it’s amazing before it’s even colored in, and you can look to it as a calming presence in whatever bujo or notebook you’re tracking your mood

I feel more enlightened just by looking at this!

Bonus Tracker

Photo credit: bujo.crafts ?? on Instagram

I never get tired of blue. Blue is said to be the closest color of truth, and there’s a famous quote that states “No water, no life. No Blue, no green”

When I look at this blue mountain themed tracker, I feel a calming presence. This is somewhat of a winter theme, and the unfinished product looks like mountains with snow covering them

I also find the moods she chooses to use very unique including “anxious, happy/grateful, and sad”

Since I struggle with anxiety from time to time, and coloring in my bujo and tracking my behaviors has been a great coping mechanism for me. I never thought to write anxious as a mood, but after seeing this I won’t go without it

This is one I’ll definitely be using this for inspiration in the winter months!

Purple Tracker

Photo credit: Viola on Instagram

I heard it through the grapevine, how much longer would you be mine?

This grapevine mood tracker can be mine forever! A wheel themed tracker is always an effective one, and the color contrast between the purple grapes and green leaves and vines is absolutely gorgeous

This is another one of those mood trackers that do essentially everything I want it to do; It’s simple to remember, easy to draw, and the artwork is incorporated and makes it pop!

Achieve grapeness with this one! ?

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