Free Printable Craft Business Startup Checklist


The to-do list for starting a business can seem like it’s never-ending. If you’re worried about missing an important step or maybe you would just like an overview to serve as a planning timeline, I created this handmade business startup checklist to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

It’s available as a printable PDF so you can print it out and place it inside your DIY business planner binder!

Here’s a screen shot of what it looks like: {Note: The image file is NOT suitable for printing! Use the link to download the PDF version to ensure high resolution print quality!}

To download the craft business startup checklist, simply click on the link below:

Click Here to Download the Handmade Business Checklist

You may use this checklist for planning your own craft business in any way you find suitable for your needs.

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The business startup checklist includes these 5 key sections:

Planning Your Business

  • Create Your Business Planning Binder
  • Write Your Mission Statement
  • Choose a Name for Your Business
  • Estimate Start-up Costs
  • Research Your Target Market
  • Research the Competition
  • Choose What Products to Sell

Business Development

  • Choose Your Legal Structure
  • Register Your Business Name
  • Apply for Necessary Permits/Licenses
  • Apply for EIN#/Tax-Exempt ID
  • Open a Business Checking Account
  • Create a Stripe/Paypal Account
  • Register Domain for Your Website
  • Create Social Media Accounts
  • Setup Business Email
  • Setup Accounting Software
  • Create a System to Manage Orders

Product Development

  • Organize Work Area/Office Space
  • Order Necessary Supplies
  • Make Sample Products
  • Photograph Products
  • Write Detailed Product Descriptions
  • Create Packaging for Your Product
  • Determine Pricing & Profit Margin

Brand Development

  • Design Logo/Hire Graphic Designer
  • Create & Order Business Cards
  • Launch Website/Hire Web Designer
  • Post to Social Media Channels


  • Create Marketing Plan
  • Notify Friends/Family/etc.
  • Join Networking Groups
  • Create & Build Email Mailing List
  • Determine Blog Posting Schedule

At the bottom of the checklist, there is also space for you to write your own items to do, as I know every business is unique!

I hope you find this useful for starting your craft business – I’d love to hear any thoughts you have in the comments below!