Start The New Year With A Roundup Of The Most-Read & Most-Loved Posts From 2019— The Ones With Game-Changing Motivation



I can hardly believe it’s officially the year 2020!

Thank you for allowing me in your inbox during the last decade, sharing my thoughts and ideas with you.

I love taking you along with me on my journeys.

Today, I’m excited to share a roundup of 6 of my most popular posts from 2019. The ones most-read and most-loved for game-changing motivation and breakthrough moments!

I hope you enjoy these reads— and I’m holding a vision of big things for you in 2020!



A roundup of game-changing motivation

1. 5 New Things To Be Thankful For Today: Including 8 Weeks Post-Surgery, Making Meaningful Connections & A Life Changing Out Of Country Experience Hiking In Lamanai, Belize

2. Make Meaningful Connections & Leverage Your Relationships As The Fastest Way To Impacting Millions Today— Go Behind The Scenes & Learn How To Use Publicity & Media To Grow Your Influence

3. Ideas Are The Currency Of Life + 3 Tips You Need To Cultivate Better Ideas

4. Love Inspired: Meet Natalie & David, The Power Couple Behind Wonder Nails

5. Write It Down, Watch It Happen & Celebrate Every Moment!

6. These 3 Things Will Make You A Better Entrepreneur, Influencer, Business Coach, Businessperson—And Overall Better Human Being



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Happy New Year!


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