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I’ve lurked and listened and from all of the feedback received during the Find Your Feed Instagram Challenge, one of the biggest struggles was how to create those flawless room photos.

I mean trust me, I know our home doesn’t have an overflowing amount of gorgeous views. It’s hard!

But here’s the secret: You just need a tiny slice of pretty to instantly elevate your photos.

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Instead of shooting your product on a plain background or just as this “item in the middle of nothing”, give your product a home (hopefully literally) by stepping up your prop game!

This beautiful, easy going “room setup” takes a couple clean shelves, a stylish ladder, and a few carefully placed props.

Imagine your product in this space (although perhaps with an actual floor lol):(view the ladder shelf here)


You could imagine a scarf, cute dress, linens, etc propped up on that ladder…
Or your candle, mug, or planters on that shelf…

It’s a totally new look right? Suddenly your product takes on a higher perceived value. Your customer can see the whole picture. Adding relevant props to your photos instantly helps potential customers see your product in use or within their own home.

And we buy what we don’t need to think a lot about.

Like ohhh that’s what my gallery wall could look like? 🤗 *places every piece of artwork into cart*

When you live + breathe your product, it can be easy to overlook simple details that our customers want to know about. Because surprise surprise, they don’t think about wall hangings (or candles, or necklaces, or whatever your product category) every single day.

They’re just out there selfishly looking out for them.

But when you create the right kind of content, you’re making yourself relevant to them. Forget the crazy discounts and flashy sales. We all just want to feel inspired + valued!


Create a Feeling for Your Product

If your products are natural or you want to create a spa-like feel, pick up a few items that give off that vibe. When you hear “spa” what colors or textures do you immediately think of?

Maybe you sell bath and beauty products or luxury towels. View your products from your customer’s perspective… how do they want to feel before/during/after they use your product?

And if you sell clothing, throws, pillow covers, etc. stop what you’re doing and GIFT YOURSELF THIS STEAMER. Wrinkle-free always looks better and I’ve had a steamy love affair with this since my young 22, fresh outta college days. (also works for those days you’re in a rush and pulled yesterday’s shirt off the floor. Just me? #gamechanger

(View the seagrass basket and natural wood stool here)

Sure, this shot is in a gorgeous bathroom, but even if you cropped this photo down to just a blank wall in your home… adding a few simple props takes it from:

“this is my towel hanging on the wall” >>> to “take a break + relax with a bath tonight”

If you sell bath products: imagine your product on that stool within this serene setup, instead of just a single product shot like this. (I mean, I absolutely love their branding so I still love that clean shot; but for a great Instagram image that makes your customer drool…. get to proppin’!)

If you sell artwork or prints, grab a nice looking frame that matches your aesthetic (clean white, rustic, traditional, etc), a simple stool or chair, and a basket + throw combo to finish it off and create a cozy, lived in feel.

Again, in this photo the full picture would be amazing. #shelfiegoals

But if you crop it down to just the left hand side it’s STILL amazing. And creates a much warmer, cozier feeling than just a stock photo of art on a blank wall.

(View the Seagrass Basket here)


The reality is, you could have the greatest product in the world… but if your images don’t invoke a feeling or help your customer envision it in their own life, you could be missing out on sales.

Even though we all know “what artwork looks like on a wall”… it’s STILL more helpful to actually see it styled versus a boring stock image of a frame on a wall. We’re weird like that.

Creating a mood or vibe for your products is more about quietly whispering to your customer you could look like this too / your home could look like this… It lessons objections they’d have for purchasing and without even realizing it, gets their minds going with how they’d take it and style for themselves.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! If you’re already queen of the prop game, what are some of your favorite photo props?

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