3 Creative Ways to Sell Your Digital Products


When you get to a point where you are making consistent money from your digital products you can get really creative with it and you can experiment; you can try different things.

So, these three strategies are just something I recommend you try just for the sake of it to see what happens!


The first creative ways that you can sell your digital products is through Instagram Stories. Now, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I am obsessed with stories; I post on there every day! Most of it has nothing to do with business it’s actually more showing the personal side of my life. But, because I’m on Instagram so much, I see a lot of other people doing.

A couple of things that I’ve seen is one of my entrepreneurial friends Elley Mae (who’s a lovely girl!) actually launched her “Instagram highlight templates” or “story templates” and her stock photo bundles on Instagram. I’m sure she launched them on her website as well, but I was following her on Instagram and saw the whole process!

How she did it through such a creative way is that she had eight spots open so the first eight people who actually went and bought one of her templates or stock photo bundles got an extra free stock photo bundle that wasn’t available for sale. And whenever someone bought, she would actually put on her stories who it was and how many spots were left open to be able to snap up the free stock photo bundle. So, of course, I bought one myself because I love free little incentives! If you go to my Instagram account now, you’ll see in my highlights (all the icons that I have) They’re hers! So, I can tell you first hand that it’s an effective way to sell.

Another thing I’ve seen is people showing behind the scenes prep and launch of their actual digital product. They show behind the scenes of everything; the entire process and they get people amped up through their stories and through their processes, and they show behind the scenes process of launching their product. Which makes people really excited and creates a rapport with your audience because they’re so invested in what you’re doing as a business owner, but also what you’re doing because it might be relevant to them and what they want. And once they get to the end of their story about their launch or the behind the scenes or whatever they were showing, they would share information on how you could go about buying the product. That’s another way to do it.

The other way I have seen it being done is sort of similar to showing behind the scenes but is more piquing curiosity. So, someone might put up on their stories just a tidbit of information that gets the customer wanting to learn more. So, it might be like; “Do you want to learn how to make five thousand dollars this month for your business? If so, hit reply to this story and let me know.” Something as simple as that. And then people will respond! And then what the product seller will do is probably send them through some kind of funnel or onboarding process. That’s another way to do it.


I don’t mean a sales page for your product, I mean “we have a sale going on right now for a specific product.” So, what I mean is when you go onto any clothing retail site and they always have the sales section (which is the section I always go to because I love a bargain!) That’s what you do with your digital product. And, an even more creative way I recommend is to have a sale on specific products each month and change your products each month. And just see what happens!

I tried this on my website for about two months and I got quite a few sales from it! And I didn’t promote it or anything I just left it up there to see what would happen. And because I have so many different products I can switch them out. It does really matter what kind of promotion I’m running because I have so many, so I just thought I’d try and considering I wasn’t pushing it or promoting it at all, it was just a button in my navigation bar, it did really well.


And the third creative way I recommend you sell your digital products is to run a flash sale. These are pretty common, you’ll have seen these everywhere. If you’ve been with me a while you’ll have seen that I’ve done two or three. They’re just a really effective way to make a bunch of money in a short amount of time. So, if there is a project that isn’t selling that well, or you just want to see who is active out there in your audience and who has been sitting on the sidelines and wanting to buy a specific product of yours but maybe hasn’t come forward; I highly recommend that you run a flash sale.

A good way to do this is to sort of hint at it a couple of days before you run a flash sale rather than like. Bang. I’m running a flash sale, that’s it. Just so people have an idea, so they can mentally prepare for a sale of some sort. And then run it for maybe a weekend, maybe 24 hours a day. I don’t recommend doing it more than 72 hours. I think the best would be like two days maybe a over a weekend or a Sunday/Monday kind of vibe and just see how you go. I’ve done this several times and it’s always bumped up my income for the month really well. And it’s just a bit of fun to do!

So, there you have it. There are my three, random, creative ways that you can sell your digital products online.

That’s it for me today, Now I would love to hear from you as always! What is one creative way you have tried to sell your digital products? Let me know in the comments below.

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