Every Business I Would Start


… if I had the time and energy. I love contemplating possible small businesses, but I also know my time is limited and many of the things I’d love to do require quite a few new skills. Will I get around to doing these? Quite possibly. Though, in the interest of healthy competition and making sure these ideas don’t just disappear into the abyss, I provide to you the list of businesses I would love to start, so that you can too!

1. A beauty Youtube channel
2. A service creating logos and branding
3. An Etsy shop selling tattoo designs or temporary tattoos
4. A website selling WordPress Themes
5. An Etsy shop selling sassy/empowering workout tops
6. A service/shop creating custom drawings of people’s pets
7. A workout clothing company, selling leggings, etc
8. An Etsy shop selling Macrame planters and decor
9. A postmark store reselling thrifted items
10. Interior design consulting business
11. Create and sell an ebook
12. A real-estate business (why not?)
13. An Air BNB business
14. A full on graphic design business
15. A fulfillment print shop for shirts, mugs, etc
16. Copywriting company
17. Targeted social media management
18. Online fitness coaching
19. Repurposed furniture from estate sales
20. Create a smartphone app
21. A shop selling planners and planner stickers
22. A shop selling templates for resumes/cover letters
23. Writing freelance for other websites
24. Teaching a skill on Skillshare, like the basics of Photoshop
25. Monthly subscription box service

I hope you enjoyed this list and it brought you inspiration for your own endeavors!

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