How I Create My Digital Products


In this video you’re going to learn how I go about creating my digital products, so you can see how simple and easy it really is.

Why do we create digital products?

Well if you are an online business then you need something to sell and digital products are one of the most profitable ways of doing that.

The two types of digital products that I create are eBooks and courses, or workshops (basically anything to do with video).


When I’m creating eBooks I usually draft them up in Apple Pages. Apple Pages is a free app that comes with Mac computers. I absolutely love Apple Pages because it’s just so easy to use. I honestly find it so much better and simpler then Microsoft Word (Microsoft Word is just a nightmare for me!)

And so, what I do is I draft up my whole eBook in apple pages and once it’s complete I’ll then go and add in graphics and screenshots or whatever is needed in this eBook. Now to create those graphics I use Canva. I keep my eBooks really simple, I don’t worry too much about an amazing graphic design. Maybe I’ll worry about it later but for now I just keep it content focused.

once I’ve written to eBook and all my editing is done I will then add in graphics like screenshots or I will create my own. I always use Canva to create my cover images because they just have so many free features that you can use to make your own original book cover. And if I have diagrams or things I want to highlight in the eBook I will edit it a little bit in Canva and then paste it into the eBook.

And that’s literally all I do to create an eBook. It’s actually not that hard is it? It’s really simple but I think people like to overcomplicate it and worry about it not being perfect enough. And I totally understand what that’s like; I’ve gone through it myself many times! But I always tell myself “Done is better than perfect”. You can make it perfect later on but if you’re still trying to make it perfect you’re just never going to get it done and therefore you’re not actually going to have a digital product!

I also have an awesome post called The Ultimate Guide to Creating your eBook in 24 hours. Definitely check that out if you are wanting to create an eBook!



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Now, when it comes to recording video I use Quick Time Player which is also another free app that Mac computers have. And on here there’s three features you can use which is recording yourself, recording your screen and recording audio. I don’t really use the audio part. I just use the first two. So, when I’m recording myself I’m usually recording my videos like my weekly videos that I post up on YouTube or for my course videos. I’ll use the screen share option for whenever I want to show slides or if I am giving like a tutorial on how to do something and that’s when I use the screen share option.

When it comes to editing, I use iMovie, which again is another free app on a Mac computer. All I do once I have saved the video recording is I will then drag the file into iMovie and then just cut it at different parts to make it flow better. This usually doesn’t take me all that long, maybe half an hour, but once I do that I save it and export it out as an MP4 file. So that’s how I create my own videos.

It’s not that difficult; the difficult thing about it is creating the content. I think the point to make here is to really not overthink things. When you’re trying to create an eBook or when you’re trying to film videos you don’t need like a crystal-clear structure. You just need to get your points across in a tidy way. You can fix and tweak and add to the eBook or the course as you go. You don’t have to have it perfect straight away. Just make sure you’re getting the value in there that you have to give. So, creating a digital product is actually really simple when you don’t overthink it!

Now, I would love to hear from you. Do you have your own digital products and, if so, how do you create them? Let me know in the comments below.

Elise xo

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