How To Use Pinterest To Make More Sales on Etsy


You’ve heard it before. You should be on social media to help your business grow… yada yada.

While that’s true, which social media platform do you use!? When I started my business I made the HUGE mistake off signing up to 4 social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Now let me be honest with you, unless you are willing to spend A LOT of time creating and scheduling posts then you do NOT need more than 2 social media platforms. I said goodbye to Twitter, went dormant on Facebook and I’ve not looked back!

It’s hard to believe that back then Pinterest was the platform that had the least of my attention. I had no clue how it use it and so I just stuck with my safe options. Mistake number two!

Pinterest is now the platform where literally 90% of my attention goes. It’s changed my business! You see, Pinterest is more than a social media platform, it’s pretty much an image-based search engine. People use it to search for ideas and products, willing to BUY.

In fact, studies show that Pinterest users spend twice as much as Facebook users and drives higher numbers of new customers.

It was January this year that I started to focus my attention towards Pinterest and since then the different has been AMAZING. The stats above are from January 2018 – June 2018 and as you can see in only six months I’m already receiving more visits from Pinterest than I am Etsy! And you know what that means! More visits, more sales!

Ready to make more sale using Pinterest too? I’ve pulled together some simple steps to get your business moving.

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Pinterest is all about appearance and so your pins need to be SPOT ON. I use both Adobe Photoshop and Picmonkey to create my pins. Picmonkey is perfect for allowing you to create beautiful pins on the go. You can either use royalty-free templates or upload a photo of your own image and add texts and overlays like the below:

Picmonkey spoils its users with the amount of editing tools it has. You can add gorgeous fonts to your images without the need to download, insert overlays and textures and even touch up your images to look perfect.

Take a look on Pinterest and save the pins that appeal to you and make you want to click on them. Also search for items within the same category as yours to see how other users are advertising their own products. The key here is to not copy but to get inspiration for your own pins.

Extra tip: I also use Picmonkey on the go to create pins and Instagram photos for sales and quotes. If these templates don’t make you sit up and take notice then I don’t know what will!



Now that you have some pretty pins made, you need to pin them to rake in them views. You can manually pin your images to your boards but I find that this is time-consuming and will only overwhelm you eventually. You see, you need to pin your images to more than 1-2 boards to be seen. That’s why it’s super important to join group boards as this gives your pins the opportunity to be seen by THOUSANDS!

Search for group boards in your category and send the board owner a polite message asking to contribute to their board (the board owner’s instructions are usually in the board profile so look here first). If you create planner printables and would like to join my ‘Planner and Planning Group Board‘ then send me a message with a link to your profile.

Once you know which boards you’ll pin to, it’s time to schedule them in advance. Tailwind is the ULTIMATE tool for scheduling your pins. I dare say that I wouldn’t get half as many views/sales if it wasn’t for Tailwind. It allows you to schedule up to 400 pins a month so that your Pinterest game is always on top.

I get the most out of Tailwind by pinning one image to several boards over the next 2 weeks. That way I know that I’m getting maximum coverage. I do this with multiple images and then fill in the gaps by re-pinning other users pins. I find that the ratio of 40:60 works best for me. That’s 40% per day of my own images and 60% of re-pins. It’s SUPER important that you re-pin other users content along with your own. Pinterest doesn’t like users who spam their own pins!

Tailwind is only $9.99-$14.99 a month depending on your plan and honestly worth every single penny. Use this link to get one month FREE to see if it works for you!


Before hitting the schedule button you need to make sure your pins are SEO optimized. This allow your pins to appear in search results when users search relevant keywords.

Include the keywords and a brief description in the ‘Enter a Description’ box. Here is an example of one of my mine:

Make planning your vacation easy and fun with this FREE printable travel planner.

Free Planner Printables | Travel Planner | Free Travel Planner | Travel Journal | Vacation Planner | Family Vacation | Holiday Planner | Vacation Planning | Bullet Journal | Printable Planner | Planner Inserts

As you can see I’ve included a very brief description of what the pin is about and then underneath I’ve included some keywords that are relevant to the pin. That way, if users search ‘Free Travel Planner’, it’ll come up somewhere in the search results. More chance of users clicking on my pin!

If you want ideas of top-performing keywords on Pinterest then search words that are relevant to your niche and see what appears in the automated results. For example, these are the results for personalized coffee mugs:

Looking at the results, you know that you’ll need to include those tops results in your keywords to maximize your views.

Once your pins are SEO-optimized and are linked to product in your Etsy shop then you’re good to go.

I’d love to know how these tips work for your Etsy business! Drop your results in the comments!



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