10 Hot Cocoa Bar Rae Dunn Inspired Home Decor Items on Etsy Gift Guide


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While I have made it no secret that I absolutely adore decorating for Halloween and Fall, my first love for years was Christmas decorating.

I mean Christmas is and always will be the holy grail for decorations. As a little girl, I begged my parents to decorate the house as soon as the turkey was carved on Thanksgiving Day! Seriously, one Thanksgiving was over, I would be chomping at the bit to decorate for Christmas.

So, as an adult not much has changed. The only time I was apathetic to Christmas decorating was the year I have an infant for the first time. In my defense, she didn’t sleep at night at all for the first year of her life. So, by the time Christmas came, I was ready to get all the decorations down and put away.

However, after that year I have more than made up for it.

Plus, Rae Dunn is my favorite way to decorate for all seasons. And moreover, last year I began collecting. It was my first year decorating with Rae Dunn for Christmas. I was lucky enough to find Cocoa Bar themed items. So, this year, I am upping my game with my Rae Dunn Cocoa Bar decor.

Of course, I decided to search Etsy for cocoa bar inspiration.

What great prices did I find?

Scroll down below to find out.

10 Hot Cocoa Bar Rae Dunn Inspired Items on Etsy for Home Decor Gifts and More

1. Hot Cocoa Bar Wall Sign Option One

2. Hot Cocoa War Wall Sign Option Two

3. Hot Cocoa Bar Marshmallow Mug Hat

4. Hot Cocoa Faux Whipped Cream Mug Topper

5. Wooden Rolling Pin

6. Wooden Bead Garland

7. Hot Cocoa Wood Coffee Bar Tiered Tray Sign

8. Faux Wooden Books for Tiered Tray

9. Hot Cocoa Bar Rae Dunn Inspired Decals

10. Hot Cocoa Mug Gnome

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