50+ Christmas Apartment Decor Ideas that takes the Definition of Elegance to a Whole New level


The Holiday season is almost here. This means its time to get our Apartments dressed up for Christmas.


From lights to Christmas trees to stockings to Christmas ornaments are what I am seeing when I am looking around. In fact, I have even started seeing them in my dreams. May be I am doing too much home decorations. But, its Christmas, how can I not? From setting up the Christmas Tree to dressing up the fireplace to making sure the doors and windows looks festive, Christmas apartment decoration is not easy and truly tiresome. But, the end result is really fun. So, without much ado, let me introduce you to a collection of Best Christmas Apartment Decor Ideas that you would be happy to check out. Let’s get started.

Christmas Apartment Decor Ideas

#1. Small Apartment Decorated with Wreaths Candy Canes and Lights for Christmas | Pic Source – Pinterest

#2. Small Front Yard Decoration for Christmas | Pic Source – Pinterest

#3. Christmas Tree on the Wall with Lights for Small Lights | Pic Source – Pinterest

#4. Chic Outdoor Decor with Lantern | via – Shady Lane Green House

#5. Easy Christmas lantern Decor Under $5 By Hike N Dip

#5. Buffalo Plaid Living Room Decor | Pic Source – Sweety Homee

#6. Pink and White themed Fireplace Decoration By Cara Caroll on Instagram

#7. Small Living Room with Beautiful Christmas Tree and Cozy Christmas Cushions | via – Pinterest

#8. Cutest Christmas Centerpiece Decor By Hike N Dip

#8. Buffalo Check Black and White Christmas Decor | via

#9. Rustic Tiered Tray Decoration for Home | Via

#10. Vintage red trucks and flocked trees By Returning Grace Designs on Instagram

#11. Small Mantel Place Decorated with Merry Christmas Sign | via

#12. Living Room with Candle Centerpiece Christmas Trees and Joyful Sign | via

#13. Rustic Decor with Soft Cushions and Cute Christmas Trees By Dale Marie on Instagram

#14. Christmas Tree in the Bucket and Plaided Curtains for Farmhouse Christmas Decorations | via

#15. Adorable Staircase Decoration for Christmas | via – Pinterest

#16. Movable Tray with Christmas Wreaths | via


#17. Garland and Ribbon Decoration for Staircase | via

#18. Marvelous Staircase Decor with Fairy Lights Ribbons and Garland | via

#19. Lots of Christmas Trees and Hanging Snowflake Ornament Corridor Decor | via

#20. Stunning Flocked Christmas Tree By The Staircase | via

#21. Christmas Tree Stacked with Gifts | via

Christmas Apartment Decor Ideas

#22. Red and White Christmas Staircase Decor | via

#23. Mirror Decoration in Living Room for Christmas | via

#24. Upside Down Christmas Tree By A Colorful Journey

#25. Tall Christmas Tree at the Centre of the Home | via – Pinterest

#26. Christmas Tree Lighting Up the Corner of the home | via – Pinterest

#27. Flocked Christmas Tree Decoration for Small Homes | via – Pinterest

#28. Lots of Christmas Trees in the Living Room | via

#29. Christmas Tree with Red Baubles and Gifts at the Entryway | via – Pinterest

Christmas Apartment Decor Ideas

#30. Family Room Fireplace Decoration for Christmas | via – Pinterest

#31. Doors Flanked By Christmas Trees By Facebook

#32. Side of Staircase Decorated with Stocking and Garland | via

#33. Staircase Opening Decorated with Garland | via- Facebook

#34. Small Apartment Balcony Decor for Christmas | via

#35. Rustic Christmas Tree on a Crate By Shanty 2 Chic

#36. Christmas Kitchen Front Decor with Garland By Simply Seleta

#37. Christmas Lights Make a Christmas Tree at the Corner of the Room By Pinterest

#38. Smart Christmas Tree made up of Photos | Via – Pinterest

#39. Nordic Stle Christmas Tree Basket By Francois Et Moi

#40. Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen By Clean and Scentsible

#41. Pallet Board Christmas Tree By Truc and Tricks

Christmas Apartment Decor Ideas

#42. Christmas Tree from Re-purposed Pallet By recyclart.org

#43. Small Living Room Windows with Beautiful Christmas Wreaths | via – Pinterest

#44. Small Christmas Tree with a Bunch of Christmas Gifts | via – Pinterest

Christmas Apartment Decor Ideas

#45. Beautiful Christmas Lights for Apartment | via Pinterest

#46. Windows Decorated with Colorful Christmas Ornaments By Dishfunctional Designs

#47. Kitchen Cabinets Decorated with Ribbons | via – Pinterest

#48. Kitchen Decor for Christmas | via – Pinterest

#49. Stunning Christmas Kitchen Decor | via – Pinterest

#50. Elegant Winter Candle Centerpiece | via


#51. Vintage Christmas Centerpiece in Coke Crate | via

So, these were the best Christmas Apartment Decor Ideas. I hope you liked them.

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