Handmade Gifts for Women: Easy, Stylish, & Personal


I love to make and receive thoughtful handmade gifts… especially when they’re stylish and useful too! Here are my favs, with links to the full tutorials. Enjoy!

DIY Soy Candles

Making candles can be complicated… but it certainly doesn’t have to be! These gorgeously simple scented soy candles are quick, easy and so fun to make. Plus you can customize them with your own scents and decorations!

Citrus-Stamped Tea Towels

DIY Modern Indoor Plant Pots!

This mini-project is inexpensive, fun and literally takes 10 minutes! Add a cool plant (or a realistic faux plant) and you’re set.

Quick & Easy Homemade Bath Salts

My girls love to help make bath salts. And it can be customized with her favorite scent!

Easy DIY Sharpie Coasters

This project is super-fun and the kids can help too! I recently did it with my daughter’s 2nd grade class for their school auction. They colored the tiles with Sharpies, then I lit them on fire. The kiddos were definitely impressed!

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