The Best of Etsy: A Handmade Holiday Gift Guide


This handmade holiday gift guide is filled with ideas that are so creative, colourful and unique! Not only are they made by crafty people, but buying something from a small business supports someone else’s passion and hard work! This curated collection has something for everyone on your list at a variety of price points!

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I love Etsy because it’s the best place to find one-of-a-kind stuff. As a fellow maker, I often try to shop small, because it means supporting another creative’s success! Buying something handmade for your home or for a gift makes it that much more special don’t you think?

I spend WAY too much time on Etsy searching for the latest and greatest. I’ve complied a list of some of my favourites plus a few new finds and made this list to help you with your Holiday shopping! Here are 20 amazing gems to get you started, but it only scratches the surface of all the wonderful talent Etsy has to offer! From home decor and home office to jewelry and art, there’s something for everyone! This holiday season, give a one- of-a-kind gift by shopping small on Etsy!

As a fellow Etsy shop owner I love recommending and supporting my fellow creatives! I only recommend items I truly and honestly love and I may earn a commission on purchases made through these links.


Whimsical Ceramics for Everyday Life

As someone with two adorable cats, these sweet ceramic planters speak to me on so many levels! I love how colourful they are plus they combine two of my favourite things: cats and plants! If you love cute and happy ceramics, you’ll love this shop:)


Joyful Fibre Art Handmade in Montreal

Jen Duffin, the talented artist behind Nova Mercury is best known for her rainbow inspired wall hangings. Her pieces are colourful and full of pure joy. She sells her beautiful work along with assorted weaving supplies in her shop. I learned to weave on one of her looms!


Custom Portraits & Cheerful Illustrated Gifts

A custom portrait of me and my pets?! Yes please! Jessica Woodhouse will draw you, your family and your pets, plus she’ll add cute little dates and details to your design to make it extra special! This is a unique and super affordable personalized gift for anyone on your list!


Minimalist Goods for You and Your Home

From hanging planters and pots to wall hangings, Little Love Home sells simple, minimalist items to spruce up the blandest of spaces. The colour-block planters are my favourite, but the shop has plenty of neutral items if that’s more your style!


Hand-cut Paper Cutting Designs & Lasercuts

Shop owner and artisan Ali Harrison first started cutting all her beautiful designs by hand! When the orders started piling up she moved to laser-cutting and hasn’t looked back since! Her unique and incredibly intricate patterns include laser-cut wedding cake toppers, holiday decor, and the coolest anatomy art (check out the uterus + ovaries piece – it’s my favourite!)


Modern Woven Wall Hangings

All Whisker Woven art is designed and handwoven by Amber Leask-Sebree in her cat-friendly home studio. Her weavings are smile inducing and her colour palette is pure confection! She takes custom orders and her pieces are super affordable. If you love happy fibre art, you’ll find a ton of colourful gems in her shop!


Plant Hangers with a Modern Twist

If you love macrame but prefer it with a modern twist – you’ll love the plant hangers at Freefille. Each piece can be custom designed and the use of colour is super playful and fun. Their pieces will brighten up any space, and give your plants a cool and creative place to hang out:)


Handmade Unique Statement Earrings

Shop owner Mariana is incredibly sweet and makes some of the most beautiful polymer clay earrings around! Having purchased a pair myself, I know what amazing quality her earrings are. With so many colour and shape combinations to choose from, you’ll want to order more than one pair! Her jewelry would be a great gift for anyone you know who can rock a unique and handmade pair of statement earrings!


Modern Prints for Movie Lovers

I’ll be honest, I’m mildly obsessed with this shop and all the genius movie prints it sells. If you’re a film lover (like I am) you immediately scroll through to find your favourites! Designer Erin Hagerman infuses graphic art and nostalgia in every print sold and she offers them in both physical and digital form. Fingers crossed a Grosse Pointe Blank themed print is on the way soon!

UPDATE: This seller is no longer on Etsy but here’s a link to their website:


3D Printed Wood Design

This incredible shop combines technology and eco-friendly materials to make unique items such as planters, coasters and wall decor. Their 3D printed pots and vases have the coolest geometric patterns and are so satisfying to look at! Their well designed pieces are cool, modern and sustainable!


The Life and Times of Artistic Felines

Artist Nia Gould is a woman after my own heart! Her entire shop is dedicated to two of her (and my) favourite things: art and cats! From greeting cards and tote bags to calendars and cushions, Niaski has something for everyone who loves their art with a side of bold colour, cheeky humour and of course, cuddly cats!


Happy Ceramic Design

Everything in Noa Razer’s shop is cool and interesting to look at. She injects modern design with a playful twist and makes beautiful items for your home. Her handmade ceramics are one-of-a-kind and are truly unique and interesting! These are pieces you can’t find just anywhere and would be a super special investment to spruce up your home decor.


Minimal, Thoughtful Goods

Each item in this Etsy shop is a minimalists dream! They make functional goods for your home that are beautiful, sleek and durable. Each piece is designed, hand poured and produced in their studio in California, and is begging to be styled on a shelf or coffee table. From incense holders to vases, if you love chic ceramics, you’ll love this shop!


Well Designed Desk Accessories & Work Essentials 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a super visual person. I love pretty things, the more colourful the better! Since I’ve been working from home the last few months, I’ve really tried to spruce up my workspace and when I saw the desk mats from Blush and Thorn I was immediately obsessed! There are so many designs and sizes, so there’s something for any desk or office space. These would be a perfect gift for any student and anyone with a home office that needs some brightening up!


Abstract Paintings and Large Art Prints

I LOVE abstract art – you might be able to tell by the name of my website:) Abstract artist Victoria has an Etsy shop that’s a visual feast and her original art is breathtaking! From canvas to print she has a TON of beautiful options at a range of price points so everyone can find a treasure to hang. Giving art is one of my favourite things to gift someone and this shop is a colour lover’s dream!


Lifestyle Items, Home Decor + Gifts

From custom ornaments, and mugs to bridesmaids gifts and banners, The Cotton and Canvas Co. has such a variety of home goods and cool gifts to offer. Need a gift for a newly engaged couple? Looking to celebrate baby’s first Christmas? They have you covered! Their personalized ornaments are so chic and special, not to mention they’re all super affordable!


Notorious RBG Tee

If you have any amazing women to gift this holiday season, might I recommend a RBG Tee? There’s no better role model or cooler lady to sport around town than her. There are so many options on Etsy but this one sums it all up! Such a powerful and affordable way to give the gift of female empowerment this holiday season!


Online Weaving and Macrame Classes

Author Lindsey Campbell makes incredible weaving and macrame pieces and has created a ton of online courses to teach you the ropes (pun totally intended!) I’ve personally purchased 3 of them and can tell you they are easy to follow and so perfect for beginners! She’s even created a weaving series so you can learn a new technique and make a new project each month. Such a cool gift for any creative looking to learn a new skill!


Ethically-made Creative Leather Jewelry

Shop owner Jamie Carlson makes colourful and really happy jewelry. She repurposes materials and recycles garments and scraps as the main component of her products. Sustainability plays a huge role in the philosophy of her brand! Her earrings are a beautiful mix of colour, pattern, shape and texture, and would make a sweet gift for any accessory lover:)


Boho, Minimalist, Modern, and Scandinavian Printable Art

As I mentioned earlier, a framed piece of artwork is one of my all time favourite gifts to give. Downloading a piece of art you can immediately print and frame at home is super convenient and really, really affordable! Umaiana is one of my favourite shops for printable art, and they have so many beautiful designs to choose from!

This Etsy Holiday Gift Guide is full of unique and colourful items for everyone on your list! From macrame and weaving to abstract art, ceramics and jewelry, these handmade gifts are clever and creative! Support a small business and check out everything these amazing Etsy shops have to offer!

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