Toilet Roll Cats

by myklist

Paper toilet rolls are just awesome. We have used the humble loo roll in so many of our crafts and always find something new to make. Today we’ve created a family of paper toilet roll cats! Miss O is cat mad in every possible way and adores this cute little family of cats .

Here’s a list of the materials we used to make our family of cats:

  • Paper Toilet or Kitchen Rolls
  • Reeves ready made Acrylic Paints (affiliate)
  • Self Adhesive Googly Eyes (affiliate)
  • Sequins (affiliate)
  • Plastic string (recycled Christmas décor)
  • Pipe Cleaners (affiliate)
  • Clear and Black Sticky Tape
  • PVA Glue

Step 1 – Toilet Roll Cats

Gently push the tops down into the roll to create the ‘cats’ ears and paint.

Step 2

Add the googly eyes and two little pink triangles to emphasise the cats ears.

Step 3

Cut the plastic string down to a suitable length to create whiskers and secure using a minimal amount of clear sticky tape.

Step 4

Glue a sequin directly onto the sticky tape to create the cats nose and paint/draw a mouth.

Step 5

Piece a hole into the back of the cat and thread a pipe cleaner. Twist the pipe cleaner around your finger to create a tail and cut to length.

The paper toilet roll should now be a super adorable little cat! Try adding stickers or more paint to create tabby cat markings, a bib or little feet. Olivia has suggested we make a rainbow cat, which to me sounds like a great idea!

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