30 Awesome & Easy Minecraft Party Ideas


So, I put together this 30 Awesome & Easy Minecraft Party Ideas…but then, as I was putting it together, I got a little crazy–there’s SOOO many cool ideas…just—Don’t start the party without me!

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So, apparently playing Minecraft is like going down the rabbit-hole and so is coming up with party ideas…for every link herein, you’ll find at least a dozen more…Enjoy!

  • Begin with these easy Cube Invites.
  • Then, imagine a Square Haystack Cake
  • With delicious Lava Punch.
  • Or a round Fondant-Covered Cake.
  • Block Cake? Geeze! See what I mean?! It’s like you can do ANYTHING and there’s just more ideas!
  • Party Games could get me back on track. And keep those kiddos busy.
  • Make some MineCraft Trees and put them on the door to start the party right.
  • Creeper Pizza is an awesome, easy Minecraft party idea MUST!
  • This Green Potion Party Punch makes me giggle.
  • Creeper Cake—are we seriously back at CAKE?!
  • I’d like to play this Toss Game with the kids just to see who’d win.
  • Creeper Balloons are not only hilarious, they’re easy to make, too.
  • I’d make this Jello-Water and hand the kids a straw, then make a game out of it! LOL!
  • Mmmm…Creeper Rice Krispy Treats.
  • Have fun playing this Nerfy-Gun Target Game anytime–even after the party’s over!

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  • Don’t forget to make some Party Favors.
  • I love this Torch Printable and tutorial–I’m totally doing that main shot of her as like an instagram spoof!
  • Go ahead, check out these Diamond, Carrot and Slime Ideas – and a ton of free printables, too!
  • Oh, and these awesome Coal and Gold Ideas – and more awesome free printabes…see what I’m saying about rabbit-holes?!
  • Get cheeky with this Brewing Station!
  • Just need 5 minutes to get the next activity ready? Try this Minecraft Party Craft…wait…crafty-wah?
  • These Party Bags seem like an awesome way to either start the party or end it…
  • This Shredder Knock Out Game could keep the kids busy for a while…thank goodness…I mean…no, that’s exactly what I meant.
  • Add a little bang for almost no buck by making these TNT Boxes.
  • Steve Cookies would be the icing on the cake–or is that the icing on the cookie?
  • You could just have fun with this free printable Wrapping Paper.
  • Mmmm…I’d love a Thin Mint Brownie Parfait…hey, the adults get treats at the party, too!
  • Create a Castle Tunnel on a dime. Like, for reals, this is cheap–but awesome.
  • Make these easy Cupcakes, then turn them into Minecraft-ian with the additional free printable topper AND wrapper!
  • DIY Pickaxe and Sword for the Birthday Kiddo!

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