16 DIY Easy Boho Crafts for Your Boho Chic Room


Whether you’re a teen or in your 20’s, boho style is super popular for a good reason.

Whether you want to call it boho style, gypsie, hippie or bohemian, making your own hippie craft ideas is a terrific hobby and inexpensive way when you’re decorating on a budget.

Here’s a round-up of 16 awesome and easier DIY bohemian crafts to inspire you and help decorate your space, whether it be your first house, dorm room or bedroom.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

✅This DIY boho project is one of the most popular with our readers

Gypsie Hammock Swing

Instructions by Crafty Goodies

This super amazing DIY boho swing is another one of the most popular projects with our readers!

Making your own swing is easier than it sounds. My neighbor recently made this exact same project for her young daughter and it turned out adorable (I think we need to ask her to sneak a pic for the blog ;).

Making a DIY swing is perfect for decorating your small bedroom and helps save on valuable floor space.

DIY Boho Mobile

The link wasn’t working, so I don’t know who to give credit to for this amazing feather design. I’m hoping it will inspire you to create your own using pliable branches, wire, beads, string and feathers.

You could try wrapping the feather ends with strips of gold duct tape to attach it to the string.

DIY Beaded Boho Pillow

Madi and I just spent 2.5 hrs at the craft store looking for supplies to make a variation of this stunning boho pillow! As soon as she gets it done we’ll post a photo! Starting with basic pillows or pillow covers and adding inexpensive craft store accents is an easy and cheap way to create your own custom DIY boho pillow.

Purchased pillows with all the beads, tassels and gems can get pricey, why not make your own boho pillow with tassels?

Instructions by Pure Vida Bracelets

DIY Boho Candle Holder

Instructions by Hayseed Homemakin’

This is another fabulous boho craft idea that’s stylish, quick and cheap. You can easily use a dollar store jar and head to the craft store to get a bag of feathers and glitter ribbon of your choice.

Grouping multiple candle holders of different sizes makes even more of a decorative impact.



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DIY Gypsie Wind Chime

Instructions by Garden Therapy

Making your own DIY hippie windchime would be something perfect in your bedroom, dorm, or hanging outside.

If you love to craft like we do, this is the perfect project to use up extra beads you have at home. A craft store like Hobby Lobby also sells a huge variety tub of beads that’ll make this project cheap.

Whether you use driftwood, a branch from your yard or a wooden rod from the craft store, anything sturdy you can drill holes into will work as the main support for your DIY boho windchime.

Wooden Arrow Art

Instructions by A Little Crafty in Your Day

Making your own DIY wooden arrows are a cute and free way to make boho wall art. Decorating on a budget can be easy when you look to the outdoors for your boho craft inspiration.

DIY Macrame Plant Hangers

Instructions by Dr. Livinghome

(Instructions are in Spanish, a pop-up gave me the option to convert them into English)

Are you really boho if you don’t have something made of macrame? Learning how to macrame is actually quite easy, starting with an easy DIY macrame plant holder is an ideal first project.

While houseplants are all the rage, if you have a small bedroom or small living room, hanging your plants is an easy way to save space in your small place.

DIY Bohemian Wall Art

Instructions by Blinds.com

Here’s another DIY boho wall art idea that’s cheap and easy! Whether you buy multi-colored yarn or dip the yarn to color it yourself to create an ombre look, this project my blinds.com is an easy DIY boho project for beginners.

** This is the #1 most popular boho project with our readers! **

This project is easy, inexpensive and fun! Making a yarn wall hanging is an awesome way to make your own wall hangings before deciding to tackle a DIY macrame wall hanging 🙂

Here’s a YouTube tutorial for this easy DIY yarn wall hanging to make it even easier!

Macrame Door or Wall Decor

Instructions by A Beautiful Mess

After you create your boho macrame plant holder for beginners, you’ll be ready to tackle something more advanced. Waking your own DIY gypsie macrame door is a stunning entrance to your boho bedroom.

Mandala Stones

Instructions by Colorful Crafts

This DIY mandala stone painted craft project is simply amazing! What a stunning yet free or inexpensive way to craft something so unique.

This would also make an awesome and personal gift for a friend or family member.

Painted Rock Stacks

Idea by www.galetsquinchandtent.com

*The website isn’t in English and wasn’t translating. This is still an awesome idea you can recreate yourself! Make sure everything to secure the rocks is using as a tea light candle. I’d personally be too paranoid to add a candle, but maybe there’s some other sort of cute boho topper or accent you can come up with?

Repurpose Old Trays with Modge Podge and Craft Paper

Instructions by Young America

This is one of our favorite DIY craft project ideas. We love that the example by Young America has a Moroccan inspired vibe. Repurposing an old tray from your own home or going to a second-hand store or garage sale, is a great idea to create an inexpensive yet high-quality vintage boho project.

Free Boho Printable

Who doesn’t LOVE free boho printables instead of having to pay for them? You can easily hang as is, create a frame border with colorful wasabi tape or frame with an inexpensive dollar store or craft store frame.

Printables by Creative Market

*This link just gives you the boho chic skull images, she sells other designs, but this one is a freebie!


DIY Lace Boho Curtains

Instructions by Upcycled Treasures

Adding a touch of lace, tassels or other crafty accents, is an easy and cheap way to decorate Target or dollar store curtains.

Photo Wall Ideas for Your Bedroom

Who doesn’t love a photo wall? A DIY photo wall is the perfect way to capture all of your favorite memories and people.

What we especially love about this project is it’s essentially 4 types of photo wall ideas turned into one massive wall display idea! How clever!

Be sure to check out our post about 15 unique photo wall ideas for your bedroom for even more photo wall inspiration.

Photo Credit

Photo by Decozilla


Mason Jar Lanterns

Instructions by Jack and Jinger

Are these boho mason jar lanterns by Jack and Jinger gorgeous?? This is another great dollar store craft project or a great way to use up extra craft supplies like paints and gems from home.


Which easy DIY craft project is your favorite?? If you make any of these projects, please share the results with us below! Or if you have some amazing hippie craft ideas we forgot, please share. <3








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