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I bet the busiest time of year for craft stores is the holiday season. There are so many amazing projects to try, and when you’ve got Christmas crafts on your holiday “to do” list, you’re going to need to make a few stops at the craft store. Some crafts, however, can be done using materials found in nature. Twigs, for example, are easy to find in your yard and don’t cost you a thing! Using twigs can create a very rustic look, which is perfect for Christmas.

Of course, you’ll probably need to deck out your crafts with some Christmas cheer, so additional supplies might be needed. But are you really upset that you’ll need to go shopping for craft supplies? I didn’t think so! Add a touch of rustic chic to your home this Christmas by making one of these twig crafts.

source: Funky Junk Interiors

1. Twig Christmas Tree Ornament

If you enjoy crafts but you’re not meticulous about details, this craft might be right up your alley. Is doesn’t require much work, and its “loose” look makes it one-of-a-kind. You could hang this from your Christmas tree, or anywhere else that it would look nice in your home.

Head over to Funky Junk Interiors for the instructions on making this, and check out the other fun twig projects while you’re there!

source: Jo Ann Fabrics

2. Succulent Twig Wreath

You can take twigs from your yard and turn them into a lovely wreath with succulent details. This craft can be done using felt and other supplies, or natural materials of your choosing. You could make this for fall or winter and incorporate whatever seasonal elements you like.

Check out the full materials list and download the tutorial at Jo Ann Fabrics.

source: Keeping With The Times

3. Twig Gift Tags

Add some pizzazz to the gifts you give this year by decorating the gift tags with twigs and paper. You’d be amazed at how much this small detail adds to the overall look of the gift. This would look exceptionally fabulous attached to gifts wrapped in paper and/or with burlap.

You’ll find all the information on this craft project by visiting Keeping With The Times.

source: Fireflies And Mud Pies

4. Twig Reindeer Ornament

You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer…and you know the rest. Now you can create your own addition to the reindeer clan! With just a few supplies, this ornament is super easy to make and totally cute! You’ve got to try this adorable project with the kids. They’ll love it!

Take a look at Fireflies & Mud Pies for the how-to on this, and check out the other reindeer project ideas too!

source: Stow And Tell U

5. Twig Christmas Tree Luminaries

Need a little something to decorate your fireplace mantel with? These Christmas tree luminaries are just the right size! Actually, you can make these whatever size you want. They’ll look festive on display during the day, and you can light them up at night for a tiny glow.

Learn how to make these at Stow And Tell U.

source: North Story

6. Modern Twig Stars

The star is very symbolic at Christmas, so a star craft is always a good choice at Christmastime. This is a modern version, and you can get really creative with it. Add string and hang these on the tree, fill a bowl with them and put in the center of your coffee table, or connect them with yarn and hang as a garland across your fireplace. The possibilities are endless!

Check out North Story for instructions on putting these together, and have a gander at the other project ideas that are there.

source: eHow

7. Twig Picture Frame

You can’t exactly use this as a picture frame in the traditional sense, but this makes a gorgeous addition to a gallery wall. Adorn with seasonal elements, or style it using embellishments that work all year long. Frame a wall quote, or another small piece of decor to enhance the display, or leave the center blank for a simpler look.

eHow has the information on how to construct this.

source: prima

8. Twig Wall Christmas Tree

I think this idea is a really fun way to decorate your wall with some Christmas spirit! You’ll need large twigs for this, if you want the full effect. Add pops of color with ornaments, and maybe even use this to display Christmas cards!

Head over to prima to learn more about this twig-riffic Christmas craft.

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