Hot selling crafts to make and sell


I am here to help you craft your career with some of the top crafts of 2020 that can be used to tap in to hot markets in the craft industry right now. Whether you wish to sell on Etsy, facebook, or you have your own website I have analyzed some of the current winners in the market place to help inspire you to create the next best seller.

If already are making a craft then that would be a great point to focus on, however if you want to try something new, these ideas will help you on your way.

What are the best crafts to make and sell for extra cash?

The secret to creating a popular product is to tap in to exiting markets that already exist and make your product unique. Whether you are looking for a side hustle or want to cut the rat race and do something you love these hot selling crafts will help you get started.

Bath Bombs

Fun ones, colourful ones, luxury ones, novelty ones, seasonal ones, lovely smelling ones……..just follow a basic bath bomb recipe, use the right mould and let your creativity run away with you.


I mean who doesn´t like a bath bomb? Gloriously smelling, the perfect gift idea and to top it off very easy to make and add your own little unique touches to make it a best seller. The current top seller on Etsy has over 7000 sales! *

Make yours unique and personalised and on trend with the season and yours will be a winner!


Candle making

Candles are hot right now and wiith an industry estimated roughly $2.3 billion a year, you too can tap in to the popular candle making niche, after all who doesn’t like candles? A relatively easy low skill craft idea that allows you to create amazing colours, fragrances with a low budget that a sure to become a top seller, get started straight away with this all in one kit. Think outside the box with your candles, a new trend is making them good enough to eat!

Natural Soap

The natural soap sector has blown up recently and this is one of the best sellers with over 3000sales on Easy. Find your niche within the soap industry.



Macrame Rainbows

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have seen the new trend of the macrame rainbows. While the rainbow market itself maybe saturated, combining the macrame look with different themes isn’t. Use your creativity check out this macrame rainbow giraffe.


Wall Plants

Wall plants are right on trend at the moment a simple touch of natural greenery brings a calm feeling to the home. It would appear people are wanting a easy no care solution with faux hanging plants up year on year of 170%. This is a new shop on Easy with over 2000 sales that has taken the modern design aspect and wall plants in to their own and it is no wonder they are doing well.


Pebble art

Pebble art is so adorable and easy to do, you just need a little bit of imagination. People love to give pebble art as gifts as its novel and has natural beauty. If you can create something people would love to give as gifts then you are on to a winner. Bonus points if you live near the beach and can collect materials for free. If not there are are plenty of supplies available for purchase. Check out this stylish wall decoration on Esty selling for $80


This teen behind this brand is an insertion to us all and she currently explains how she makes $10,000/month with Etsy.


The beauty of making something personalized puts the products perfectly placed within the gift market and hugely popular.

These coasters are marketed as a wedding gift and offer the personalization of the couples surname on the coasters, with over 16,000 sales on Etsy they are certainly popular.

Source Milk and honey luxuries

A stylish personalized product that can be easily achieved with a beginner Pyography kits. These are relatively inexpensive and with the use of a heated devise, designs are burnt on wood. A hugely simple craft that anyone can do and the results are amazing, plus the smell of burning wood is an added perk. The possibilities of products you can make with this technique are endless.

The main idea behind making money is getting something cheaper adding some value and selling for profit, this is so easily achieved in the craft market.

While we are on the subject of gifts these personalised keyrings are a great idea for a new home gift, and are one of the best sellers.

Source TheBespokeWorkshop1

The amount of possibilities for Pyrography personalisation are endless, as long as its made of wood. One of my favourites is the wooden clothes pegs;

You can never have enough pegs, and what a practical gift idea of something that will be used daily.

Positive wall murals. A very popular fashion is to have heartfelt sayings on wall art. Come up with some original designs, inspire and sell!

If like me you are not amazing at hand writing, there are amazing heated letters and stencils that are available for the lettering and that’s exactly how they achieved the lettering in the above example.

Acrylic Pouring

If you have been anywhere online in the past year you will have seen videos of this technique, there is something soul satisfying about watching paint been poured and rolled about to create absolute abstract creative masterpieces. Basically acrylic paint is mixed with another hard drying medium and allowing the mixture to create its own way and the results are spectacular. You can see more on whats needed for Acrylic pouring here.

Taking this technique to sell you need to combine it with what people are searching for here are a few ideas:


These clocks by Julia Knoll are so fun, really adds a statement to a room. With the best seller in wall clocks in etsy topping 5000 sales it is clear there is a big market for clocks!

Perhaps the biggest market on Etsy is the jewellery market. Create stunning on off pieces and sell as gifts or just for people that love the wonderful unique designs acrylic pouring can create. Use these pendant kits to get the look.

Source: Dryer-Days-Art-Studio

This plant pot has been created from four tiles and the acrylic pouring technique. I am sure everyone has some left over tile in their garage that they could upcycle in one way or another.

Source Mina Melman

Taking craft to embellish everyday items you are creating exclusivity – people pay a premium to receive an exclusive product. Taking these pop sockets or phone grips, made simply by doing an acrylic pour on backing paper and using that to cover a plain phone grip and are one of a kind!

Source: JeneratorArt

Other popular items that can be personalized with the acrylic pour technique – mugs, phone cases, laptop covers and many of these don´t require you to do more than one amazing painting. If you take a high definition scan of your acrylic pour you have the digital file that can be used to create print on demand products without you having to own any stock.

A big area of the craft market is selling to crafters themselves, so printing on to backing paper directly so clients can create their own products could be a winner.

Epoxy Resin

This brings us nicely to the next fun craft that if you get right people pay a high price tag for. That is when you mix acrylic pouring with epoxy resin and when combined with household items, create an almost Milan loveliness in the glass like finish.

Julia Knoll Art gives an amazing tutorial on how to achieve this look.

For the more adventurous pouring this on to tables and encasing in resin create one off piece bepsoke furniture and thus can carry a high price tag. The tables don´t need to be as big as this one and could even be flat packed straight from ikea, that will make postage easier.

Source: Monicer Springer

Jewellery making

One of the hottest niches on Etsy is jewellery, think different, personalised, alternative and meaningful. Now while you may not be a professional in jewellery making, there are some really easy techniques used to make bestsellers that can be definitely adapted to create your product range. Check out this 40 piece pendant kit. Take some black leather cord, a charm and necklace fastener and hey presto.

Source: SERENITYproject

The same idea can be dome with ribbon to make a choker.

Source rocksteadycharms

Another easy jewellery idea are these bespoke stud earings – Using basic earring bases and some imagination, you can create some really amazing earrings that are great sellers on etsy

Source reloved buttons

What you need to do is tap in to current markets of things people like, cats, dogs, flowers, birth stones you get the picture with these plain backing earings you too can make bespoke jewellery to sell.

Wabi Sabi

Fast become one of the most popular craft trends Wabi Sabi is set to be another top seller. No not Wasabi, the condiment for sushi…..Wabi Sabi. Basically its Japanese and means to find beauty in flaws. Now I´m a person that likes to see the beauty in the small things in life and this art really appeals.

Not simply make do and mend you are actually creating beauty in broken things. If a cup has a crack in in fill it and paint the crack gold, if you have a hole in a pair of trousers, sew it with chunky thread to make it pop.

Source: lakeside pottery

Whilst you can create one of pieces and sell them in your shop, don’t forget a big market of the people that go to Etsy are crafters themselves, so it you can create a kit to inspire people, this also could be a winner.

Eco Products

Why not turn a holiday hobby into an extra side hustle, heart shaped stones, stones with holes, unusual beach finds driftwood, all are selling well on Etsy, which brings us nicely to another craft that is pebble art, whether its amazing patterned dots or heart felt messages for this Etsy side gig all you need are some paint and your imagination.

Why not take creativity a step further, this tic tac toe rock bag is such a cute item for anyone to resist, ideal wedding favors, stocking fillers and impulse buys at craft fairs.

I hope I have given you some ideas of crafts to make and sell and how to tap in to the right markets. If you love crafts and are looking for a side hustle to make from home, then selling crafts online is definitely a viable option. If you love what you do then you never have to work another day in your life!

Do remember how ever good the product is the secret to selling crafts online is the photos! Make yours look better than everyone else´s online and you are sure to be on to a winner.

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