How To Make DIY Leather Earrings


Leather Earrings are on Trent right now and with 1000s of different styles and colour combinations to choose from you can easily create your own custom style. Plus an added bonus, they are really easy to make.

When deciding what style of earrings to make, look to neutral, metallic and iridescent tones put together with classic designs. I have included the most popular selling leather earring on Etsy to give you some inspiration and a feel of what is popular. The most important point is the leather you use, think neutral tones, metallics, animal print and textured designs. You can find stunning faux leather here.

Materials needed for DIY leather Earrings:

  • Findings starter pack
  • A tack to make a hole in the leather
  • Leather scissors (or good regular scissors if you not have leather scissors)
  • Leather you will make the earrings from. Actually this is the most important point. Stunning leather makes stunning earrings. The top selling earrings are neutral tones, metallics and classic designs.

Whilst the leather can be cut perfectly well by hand with a good pair of scissors, a cricut maker can actually cut all the shapes for you saving time and ensures greater accuracy.

The following earrings are some of the bestsellers on Etsy all have over 1000 sales, making them a popular design and colour combination:

Here purple irredecent leather have been used, the larger bottom layer a plain leather that complements the top layer.


This Aztec design has been creatively chosen to match the style of earrings.


Nothing beats a classic pair of brown leather earrings, matching most outfits and can be worn day to day.


Adding a gold bar to the metallic leaf shaped earring give it that little bit of elegance.


The shade can be changed to add variety. Here using a classic loop earring shape.


Layers of complementing leather really accentuate the design.


Choose your base leather wisely, it is this that will contribute to the success of the product. Check out these amazing leathers to get the metallic party look.


This herringbone leather is also a best seller.


This animal print and red really is an eye catcher.

Leather Earrings To Make & Sell

When looking for DIY crafts to sell it is always good to look at what is already doing well and trying to improve upon it. If you tap in to hot markets you already know the buyers are there and it makes it easier for your shop to get off the ground. Many of the following styles of these leather earrings are a best seller on Etsy with nearly 5000 sales, and its not hard to see why, they certainly are a very cute addition to any outfit. Retailing for just over $15 a pair, leather earings are really easy to make, they are definitely an option to consider if you are looking for crafts to make and sell.

The best part about selling jewellery is that the space occupied in the making and packaging is minimum, you won’t need to worry about the crafts taking over your home. Another bonus is shipping smaller items is cheaper and easier to manage. You can competitively complete world-wide with lower shipping costs.

Check out this video to see just how easy DIY Leather earrings can be:

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