Mason Jar Storage Containers


Mason Jar Storage Containers With Knobs – Upcycle Jar Idea.

I’m knob crazy. Knob-obsessed. A knob-a-holic …


or is it a hardware-a-holic?


Either way, I love knobs. Can’t get enough of them. It’s the first aisle I visit at the home improvement stores. I make a beeline for them at World Market. And (on my rare visits to Hobby Lobby because they’re in the burbs and I’m in the city) I’ll spend an inordinate drive-my-daughter-crazy amount of time pouring over their knobs.


I just want to buy them all!


So when I spotted these Mason Jar Storage Containers with Knobs (with Knobs, people!) from Lolly Jane, I flipped. I just knew I had to have them. Had to make them. Oh, and had to share them with you all …


my fellow mason jar (and perhaps knob?) obsessed friends!


They are just so cute. So pretty. So perfect for a vanity or bathroom counter to store your favorite things. Or to make cotton balls and Q-tips look extra pretty!


And all you need are some jars (mason or upcycled), some paint (to add some color to the lids) and your favorite knobs. Oh, and I think a drill may be involved …


You can find the full tutorial on how to make your own Upcycled Mason Jar Storage Containers with Knobs at Lolly Jane. Just click here …


Hope you have a mason jar craft love filled day! 🙂


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