DIY :: Make your own Product Tags for Handmade Items


I’m gearing up for a wonderful artisan market coming up this weekend (it’s here if you are local) and I’m so excited. People inevitably ask me, at these markets, where I get my product tags and are always surprised when I tell them I make them. But, it so darn easy! And, super cheap! Truly, you can make your own product labels.

Today, I’m finally sharing how I make them so you can add them to your own handmade items. (Quick public service announcement: Whether you sell things or not, you should label your handmade goods. They are so special! You made them.)

This is my super cheap, easy and spectacular method for making your own product tags.

You will want to gather the following supplies: A sheet of iron-on fabric transfer paper for light colored fabrics (I use an Avery brand iron-on like this oneaffiliate link), cotton twill tape (I like the quality at Twill Tape Guy but you have to buy in bulk) , an iron and fabric scissors.

1. Start by typing up a document with your word choice in whatever font you would like. Don’t worry about spacing, you will be cutting out each logo so just make sure they don’t overlap and then put as many on one page as you can. Before you print out your document, flip the words so they appear backwards. This step is a little different depending on your computer but on my Mac I am given the option to flip horizontally when I get to the print function page. Once you are sure the words are flipped, print it out on your transfer paper.

2. Cut out each logo as close to the edge of the text as you can (without driving yourself crazy).

3. Place them word side down onto your twill tape spaced about 2 inches away from each other. Iron directly onto the back of the paper and PRESS HARD for about 20 seconds. The instructions that come with the transfer paper recommend using a harder surface than an ironing board so I lay down layers of burlap over my studio table and then place a pressing cloth over that before I iron.

4. Let the logos cool completely. Don’t cheat, if it isn’t cool, it won’t work as well. Peel off the paper to reveal your very own adorable custom product tags! Hey rockstar! The world can see you now!

5. To use your lovely creation, clip each one.

Now you can fold them in half and sew them into your next project. Look how nice that looks!

To make this even cheaper and eco-friendly, I take the twill tape out of fancy shopping bags and reuse it to make my tags. If you shop at Anthropologie you might have already noticed my trick.

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