DIY Washi Tape Gallery Wall


If you’re a longtime reader of the blog, you’ll know that I love art. Along with that passion comes an addiction to creating gallery walls – they’re ideal for that person (ahem, me!) that simply can’t settle on just a single work of art. Trust me when I say I’ve spent years searching for that perfect, large-scale piece for our dining room and after all this time, I still haven’t found it. Gallery walls have been such a great way for me to indulge in an aesthetic crush or to satisfy a color palette craving. This is why I love resources like Society6, a wonderfully curated online destination for quality art prints from artists from all around the world, many of which have been featured here on HonestlyWTF! With so many affordable prints to choose from, and speedy delivery times, I was inspired to create yet another gallery wall – this time, in one of our guest bathrooms. With such a tall ceiling and large white wall, I thought it would be fun to inject some color and texture with a playful collection of photographs, illustrations and graphic prints. And since frames can be so bulky and pricey, the idea of using washi tape seemed more appealing, especially considering the casual aesthetic of the room. I also love that it’s removable, paper and paint friendly and available in nearly any color imaginable – perfect to play up the modern, beachy color scheme I was going for.

Tips For Creating A Washi Tape Gallery Wall
  • use Photoshop, or cut and paste printed photos of your favorite prints, to roughly determine your layout
  • pick a color palette to work around
  • select a variety of sizes: choose at least one large piece as a focal point
  • once you receive your artwork, unroll the prints and lay them face down, or opposite from the way it curls, on a clean and flat surface
  • carefully place some large books or heavy flat items on the back corners of the prints to help flatten the prints
  • lay out the prints on the floor before starting
  • use a small amount of removable double sided tape, in each corner, to help secure the prints to the wall before adding washi tape
  • make sure the wall is wiped clean and dry
  • use a laser level to help with precise leveling
  • do a spot test on your wall with washi tape to ensure it’s paint safe
  • work large to small and place the largest pieces onto the wall first
  • adjust the layout accordingly
  • add washi tape!
  • don’t feel pressure to be too perfect with the tape. I think imperfection is part of the charm. Have fun with this!

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Prints clockwise from bottom left: Taurus by Isabelle Feliu, Let’s Surf by Mauikauai, Boobs by Natalie Catalina, One Line Aladdin Sane by quibe, Cyra by Tracie Andrews, Her & Her by Explicit Design, White Black Stripe Minimalist by Beautiful Homes, Close Noir by quibe, Surf Girls by Leah Reena Goren, Shape Study #11 by mpgmb

This post has been sponsored by Society6. All opinions are my own. Photography by Andrea Posadas for HonestlyWTF.