28 Really Cute Dorm Decor Ideas You’ll Actually Use


This post is all about dorm decor ideas.

We’re obsessed with cute dorm rooms and these might take the cake for the best dorm decor ideas.

From bedding ideas to wall decor, this post has the best of the best and will help you design a dorm room that your whole floor wants to hangout in.

This post shows you the 29 best dorm decor ideas for the cutest room on campus.

Dorm Decor Ideas:

1. Coffee Bar 

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A post shared by Ebenezer Market (@ebenezer_market) on Jul 11, 2019 at 11:15am PDT

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The key to an awesome dorm room is to incorporate dorm decor ideas into the necessities. 

A coffee bar is a perfect example of that. You need coffee and all its friends like crea m and sugar, so why not make it all look cute when you put it all in there? It’s this kind of thinking that gets you the best dorm room in the hall! 

2. Vanity Mirror on Desk 

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A post shared by chunky knits|macrame|decor (@likehomeonline) on Jul 10, 2019 at 5:09am PDT

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The best dorm decor ideas are the ones that provide multiple functions, and look dang good while doing it! 

Vanity mirrors on a desk do just that, they provide light for homework and that glow up. So go order yourself one now! I knew you’d want to, so I linked one above just for you! 

3. String Lights 

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A post shared by Led Decor SG HCM (@saigon.led.lover) on Jul 10, 2019 at 11:56pm PDT

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We do not give string lights enough credit. I’m a firm believer of that. But they are such a great dorm decor idea that I wouldn’t have been giving you my best advice if I didn’t include it. 

String them anywhere but just promise me that you’ll string them somewhere. Doing so gives you a soft light option as well as a nice and cozy vibe! 

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4. Gallery Wall

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A post shared by Lights by Tapestry Girls (@dormlights) on Jul 11, 2019 at 8:45am PDT

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Gallery walls are a great dorm decor idea because they allow you to show your personality in a fun and unique way! 

Just grab your favorite prints, photos, whatever your heart desires and make a gallery wall that is oh so you!

5. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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A post shared by Hope Stevenson (@helpbyhope) on Jun 20, 2019 at 12:55pm PDT

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This might just be the best dorm decor idea of all! (Ha, see what I did there?)

All rhymes and allusions to Snow White aside, a mirror on your wall is a great dorm decor idea because mirror make whatever space they are in look a lot bigger! And, they make for great makeup checkups or selfie props. If you can put a mirror on your wall, seriously do it! 

6. Wall Tapestries 

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A post shared by Tapestry Girls (@tapestrygirls) on Jul 10, 2019 at 4:59pm PDT

Copy This Dorm Room:

Wall tapestries are such a fun and cheap dorm decor idea that I just had to share!  

They definitely tend to be more of a boho vibe, so if that’s what your going for in your dorm room, definitely look into wall tapestries! 

7. Add a Headboard

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A post shared by Plush Fabric Home Interiors (@plushhomefabric) on Aug 19, 2018 at 12:37pm PDT

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Headboards are a dorm decor item that just bring the room together. And they come in so many shapes, sizes, and designs that it is easy for your and your roommate to find ones that perfectly match what y’all are going for. 

They aren’t a necessity, but definitely look into them because they add to the room and make it a lot easier to stay up in bed reading or doing homework! 

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8. Ottomans 

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A post shared by Home Decor ⍣ Interior Design (@glamgoalsariel) on Jun 5, 2019 at 6:34pm PDT

Copy This Dorm Room:

This picture proves my point because the girls are sitting on these ottomans!

Ottomans bring an entire dorm room together, plus provide more seating options than your beds or desk chairs. They’re a dorm decor idea that is not just a want, but a need too! 

9. Blankets 

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A post shared by ☆ ★ ELIZABETH ★ ☆ (@elizabeth_dayy3) on Aug 26, 2018 at 6:50pm PDT

Copy This Dorm Room:

Dorm rooms get chilly, so blankets are a must right? Right!

Well since they are a necessity, why not make them a decoration as well! Get one in a fun color or design to add to the overall AWESOMENESS of your room! 

BONUS: I’ve linked the blanket I can’t live without that’s from AMAZON above! 

10. Pillows  

Pillows were my favorite thing to buy for my dorm freshman year! Why? Because they are a dorm decor idea that has endless options!

And they do so much for your dorm room. They make it more cozier, they make it personal, they add color. The list goes on and on. Ultimately, let’s hear it for pillows, the unspoken dorm decor item we all know and love. 

11. Neon Signs 

Copy This Dorm Room:

Neon signs are such a vibe, and one that definitely needs to be in your dorm room. You can get them in so many designs that you are sure to find one that matches your vibe. 

And bonus, this dorm decor idea also serves as a soft light option so that you don’t always have to have that harsh overhead light on in your dorm!

12. Photos 

Copy This Dorm Room:

Photos are the best dorm decor idea in my opinion because they are also the most personal dorm decor idea. 

I think that hanging them up by your bed is the most practical and fun idea, but you do you, sis, hang them wherever you want. Just have some in your room ok? Ok! 

13. Lap Desk 

Copy This Dorm Room:

This is such a genius idea that I just had to share! Buy a lap desk and keep it on your bed during the day while it’s made. And then obviously use it whenever you need it.

Not only does this prevent burning legs when your laptop over heats, but it also serves as a fun decoration that not many people will have! (Well, they might after they see how cool it looks in your room but we all love a good trendsetter!)

14. Hammock Under the Bed 

Copy This Dorm Room:

If this dorm decor idea doesn’t make you want to loft your bed and buy a hammock right now, well then you’re doing life wrong! 

Like seriously, how FUN does this look? Answer: SO FUN! It’s definitely an idea to consider if you want a unique vibe in your room! 

15. Wallpaper 

I so wish that this had been a thing when I was a freshman. So, please let me live through you by incorporating this dorm decor idea on my behalf!

The cinder blocks of my dorm room made me feel like I was in a prison cell a lot of times. If you think that you will be like that, too, order some wallpaper! Wallpaper now comes in so many designs and is insanely easy to apply that there is no reason NOT to order some. 

So, turn your prison cell of a dorm into a fun home away from home with some wallpaper! 

16. Accent Trinkets 

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A post shared by Christopher (@co.nfused) on Apr 21, 2019 at 11:38am PDT

Copy This Dorm Room:

The beauty in this dorm room comes from the accents all throughout it. The gold lips on the pillow, the gold ottoman, the paintings. 

It’s all in the little details. Everything matches, yet everything is different. It’s balance that is hard to achieve but when you do, you’re incorporating some of the best dorm decor ideas out there. 

17. Color Scheme 

Copy This Dorm Room:

Ok, I just want to jump into this picture and take a 5 hour nap!

This isn’t a dorm room, but it gives a great dorm decor idea, which is to match everything within a color scheme. I choose this picture because it has such a unique color scheme of blue grey that I thought was just too awesome not to share! 

Point being: match your blanket color with some of the colors in your pillow. Just match colors throughout your room for a very cohesive and pretty dorm room!

18. Flower Mirror 

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A post shared by Shelby Yarnell (@shelbyyarnell) on May 14, 2019 at 9:57pm PDT

Copy This Dorm Room:

If your dorm room can fit an entire full length mirror . . . first of all, girl go for it. And second of all, DECORATE IT! Just like this picture did with some fun flowers! 

This is, again, another item that provides function while also being cute enough to be decoration. And that’s what we’re going for right? Right. 

19. Paint Chip Calendar 

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A post shared by Jordan ♠️ (@artsbyjordan) on Aug 12, 2018 at 4:11pm PDT

This is probably my favorite dorm decor idea on this list. I did it for my dorm room freshman year and got so many compliments on it, plus its super handy! 

Basically, you make a wall calendar out of paint chips! Just go get some from your loca l home improvement store and glue them to a poster board. But the entire thing in a frame and BOOM! you have a dry erase wall calendar that’s insanely cute! 

20. Mason Jars 

(source @Etsy)

This is such a fun dorm decor idea because it is a DIY dorm decor idea, too! 

Mason jars can honestly hold so much. Of if you don’t need to hold that much, you can get them in all shapes and sizes. Sand and paint them to match your room so that they’re the dream duo: functional and decorative! 

21. Carpet 

Copy This Dorm Room:

Most dorms come with that nasty classroom tile that honestly gave me PTSD. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic but you know what I mean! 

Keep your feet cozy and your mind calm by putting carpet down in your dorm room! This is a great dorm decor idea because it adds to your room and just makes it overall more homey. Definitely look into area rugs for sure! 

22. Floating Shelves 

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A post shared by Our_Corner_Collingwood (@ourcornercollingwood) on Jul 11, 2019 at 7:27am PDT

Copy This Dorm Room:

Shelves are a dorm decor idea that a lot of people don’t think of. And they should! 

First of all, shelves are super cheap. Second, they’re easy to attach to the wall, and there are ones that don’t have to be nailed in so you can have them in your dorm room! Third, you can put so much on them. Books, pictures, trinkets ,etc. You have to consider them, seriously! 

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23. Bulletin Boards 

Copy This Dorm Room:

Bulletin boards are a cheap dorm decor idea that allows you to put your own individual touch to your dorm room. 

You can put photos, concert tickets, certificates, fun drawings, ANYTHING you want on one. I think it’s so cool to look at other people’s bulletin boards because it reveals really fun and unique stuff about them. And it just makes the dorm room look cuter and more personalized, who doesn’t want that? 

 You can find exact links for these dorm room essentials by clicking here. They are game-changers!

24. Cubbies 

Copy This Dorm Room:

Cubbies are a great dorm decor idea because they allow you to store so much stuff in a very concealed way. They don’t have to go under a lofted bed, they can go anywhere in your dorm room.

But seriously, if you have a ton of stuff to store, look into cubbies and cubby holders because they get the job done and you can get them in different colors and patterns to match the vibe of your dorm! 

PS! That cube furniture piece is less than $20!!

25.  Bean Bags 

Copy This Dorm Room:

Bean bags are the perfect dorm decor idea because they are just fun! They come in fun colors and are soft so they’re great to sit on!

And bonus: it’s so easy to move them around so that you or your friends can sit anywhere in your dorm! 

26. Oil Diffusers 

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A post shared by CitySlowly (@cityslowlyproject) on Jul 11, 2019 at 5:52am PDT

Copy This Dorm Room:

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I’m a BIG fan of essential oils. I don’t think they cure everything, but I think that they can do a lot of good. For example, I use essential oils every time I get a headache and it’s gone within minutes. MINUTES I TELL YOU! 

They work, and the way that they diffuse is so pretty that it’s a dorm decoration in and of itself. Seriously, if there is one thing you buy from this list, buy an oil diffuser and an oil starter pack. I’ve linked both above! 

27. Salt Lamps 

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A post shared by Tyler Witt Mendez (@tylerdarling) on Jul 10, 2019 at 3:06pm PDT

Copy This Dorm Room:

Ok, I’m going to be super honest: I do not know what a salt lamp is actually suppose to do. But I know it’s suppose to do something good for you! AND it gives off the coolest dorm light and vibe one can think of. It’s chill, but not sleepy. Boho, and chic.

Heck, it’s everything! And because it is, it is a dorm decor idea that you gotta include in your room! 

28. Wax Warmer 

Copy This Dorm Room:

Candles are not allowed in most dorm rooms. If your dorm allows them, I’m jealous ok? Ok. 

But the dorm rooms can get smelly, so how do you combat that? With another dorm decor idea, of course! Wax warmers are the perfect compromise because they are a candle without the open flame, thus giving off the scents you want, when you want them. They’re a great, good-smelling dorm decor idea that you definitely need to incorporate because I promise that you will SO use it! 

29. Desk Hutches 

Copy This Dorm Room:

Desk hutches are such a functional and practical dorm decor idea that it is hard to believe anyone goes without one! 

Don’t be like those people. Desk hutches add a cool vibe to the dorm room and allow you to store so much more stuff in an organized and clean way. You gotta get one! 

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This post was all about the best dorm decor ideas.

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