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Today is such a fun day because I get to finally share the results from our Readers’ Favorite Paint Colors poll! Sorry it took me so long to get the results back to you but can you believe we ended up with over 1,000 votes over the last few weeks here on the blog and on The Creativity Exchange Facebook page? Wow!

Before I share all of the results and paint colors, I want to thank all of you for voting and sharing your most loved colors! You guys are so awesome and I am so grateful that over the years, we have built this incredible community of designers, builders, paint contractors, home owners, stagers and paint lovers that love to share great colors and details about the colors. Today’s list of favorite colors is such a tremendous resource for all of us, taking a big chunk out of the guess work when it comes to choosing the perfect color because you guys have collectively pushed the most dependable and beautiful colors to the forefront, helping all of us. Thank you!!

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

I’m going to get right to it and start this off by sharing the most popular paint color in the poll (by a HUGE landslide). It’s Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

Sea Salt over the years has become one of the most popular paint colors out there because it is so serene, calming and a beautiful shade of green/blue/gray. I recommend Sea Salt for my clients often because it’s perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms because it’s such a calming color.

via Banks Design Associates

Here’s Sea Salt in one of my client’s master bathroom.


Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

The second most popular color was also not a huge surprise because it’s become one of the most popular neutral paint colors on the market today and it is Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. Repose is the paint color that I recommend the most to my clients because it is about as close to a perfect neutral wall color as you can get. Check out my Color Spotlight on Repose Gray if you want to see lots of spaces painted in this stunning warm/gray color.

via Jaclyn Marie on Instagram

Ironically, there were several colors that are very close in color to Repose Gray that were also very popular in the poll. There is absolutely no doubt that you guys are still very much on the light warm gray train and lean neutral on your wall colors.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray was the third most popular color in the poll. The interesting thing about Agreeable Gray is that it is a tad warmer than Repose Gray. So, if you’re looking for a warm gray that leans slightly warmer, consider Agreeable Gray.

via Beasley and Hensley Design

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

There were several big surprises for me when we tallied up the votes. Sherwin Williams Iron Ore came in as the fourth most popular color! I thought that was so interesting because it’s a very dark brown/almost black mainly used for interior doors, cabinetry and exterior trim. Lots of great comments about how much people really love this color so much! It’s for sure a great one to put on your radar!

via Marilyn Kimberly

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass

Beach Glass by Benjamin Moore was the fifth most popular color and I am not surprised one bit! Beach Glass has really gained popularity in the last couple of years because it’s such a stunning blue/green/gray that is very serene. I personally think that Beach Glass is far less finicky than Sea Salt.


Sherwin Williams Pure White

The sixth most popular color in the poll was Sherwin Williams Pure White. I think many readers love this color for cabinetry and walls. I rarely specify Pure White for my clients because I love Decorators White (Benjamin Moore) and Simply White (Sherwin Williams) so much that I never look at anything else. However, after hearing how much you guys love this color, I’m going to start recommending it more as an option.


Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

I don’t think there is any surprise for any of us that Hale Navy made the cut and had a lot of votes and mentions. In 7th place, Hale Navy is probably the most dependable paint color on the planet. It always looks good! No strange undertones and true gorgeous navy.

via Sealy Design


Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

Our 8th most popular color was Benjamin Moore Gray Owl. Gray Owl is very close to Repose Gray but a tad lighter and slight hint of green in the undertone. It’s also a popular whole home color and if you don’t have a lot of natural light in your home, I would point you to Gray Owl over Repose Gray because Gray Owl looks so good in artificial light.


Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue was a big surprise for me. While this color was probably one of the most popular colors 8-10 years ago, I see that you guys either still love it or are newly discovering it. Either, it’s a great one and I especially love it in a bathroom because it’s so spa-like and serene.

via Liz Levin Interiors


Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal


Last but for sure not least, Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal came in as the 10th most popular color. Kendall Charcoal is a fantastic trim, interior door and cabinetry color and it’s amazing how often and how many ways I see this color used. I especially loved it on this shiplap accent wall that I saw during the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes tour.


Thank you again so much to all of you who voted and shared your favorite colors with me! If you have used any of these colors in your home listed, I would love for you to share your thoughts about the color and where you used it in the comment section so we can all see. 🙂

If you’re looking for more color inspiration, you can check out the 2018 Paint Color Trends Post to see where the paint manufacturers predict we are heading in color.

Thanks for stopping by today friends!




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