The Best Sherwin Williams Paint Colors!


colorsspaceIf you’re on the hunt for a new paint color for your home renovation check out our top 10 favorite Sherwin Williams paint colors below. We hope it inspires you to try something new in your home!

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ELLIE GRAY | SW 7650 by Sherwin Williams
Ellie gray is a a true gray and it can be a great base color if you prefer a gray color palette for your home. Depending on your appetite for color you may consider it to be more of a bold darker gray compared to some of the lighter ones out there. We used this color in our Lexington Street build (see more of this project in the link below!)

Paint Above Featured In ‘Lexington Home Tour: Modern Rustic Style’!
View Whole Project Blog HERE!

SEA SALT | SW 6204 by Sherwin Williams:
Sea Salt is a very popular color by Sherwin Williams for good reason! This gorgeous color has amazing blue green undertones that give a relaxing vibe! The possibilities for this color are endless, but we love it in bedrooms and bathrooms!

Paint Above Featured In ’60’s Colonial Reveal: Modern Rustic Style’!
View Whole Project Blog HERE!

NIEBLA AZUL | SW 9137 by Sherwin Williams:
Niebla Azul is a sophisticated blue with green undertones. This color works amazingly well with either white or stained wood trim, so you can’t go wrong. Working with a versatile color like this can make any room in your home shine!

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UNDERSEAS | SW 6214 by Sherwin Williams:
Underseas is a a moody blue-green that adds an upscale feel to any space! By balancing the dark tone with bright white wainscoting on the lower half of the walls, we love how this color shines as the star of the show!

Paint Above Featured In ‘Lexington Home Tour: Modern Rustic Style’!
View Whole Project Blog HERE!

ALPACA | SW 7022 by Sherwin Williams:
Alpaca is a paint color that is a classic, cool toned Greige. This is the perfect paint if you want a non-yellow or orange hued neutral color. It looks amazing in an open space and works well next to rooms with bolder colors! Check it out in our 1950’s transformation project (link below):

Paint Above Featured In ‘Before & After: 1950’s Transformation – Part One’!
View Whole Project Blog HERE!

GRAY SCREEN | SW 7071 by Sherwin Williams:
Gray Screen is a beautiful color that has soft blue and green undertones. This subtle gray color isn’t too dark and looks fabulous with crisp white trim!

Paint Above Featured In ‘Before & After: 1950’s Transformation – Part Two’!
View Whole Project Blog HERE!

REPOSE GRAY | SW 7015 by Sherwin Williams:
Repose gray is a popular choice with our clients because it has both gray and beige undertones. When light hits the walls during the day they are almost a true gray color, and with less light the beige undertones come out. It is a classic neutral that can be used in any room or throughout a home as the main paint color. This is a tried-and-true paint that looks fabulous in any home! Check it out in our Pearl Street build project (link below):

Paint Above Featured In ‘Modern Farmhouse Inspired Home Tour’!
View Whole Project Blog HERE!

SOFTWARE | SW 7074 by Sherwin Williams:
Software is a brilliant bold gray-blue with lots of personality! This color adds dimension to a space without feeling too dark or cold, even though it is a cool toned color. A mudroom is a great place to test out a paint to that you may not usually use, so go a little crazy and test the waters!

Paint Above Featured In ‘Before & After: 1950’s Transformation – Part Two’!
View Whole Project Blog HERE!

WORLDLY GRAY | SW 7043 by Sherwin Williams:
Worldly gray is a beautiful neutral greige, making it an easy go-to color! This paint blends seamlessly in any home and gives warm tones without giving your whole space a slight yellow hue. The gray undertones help balance out the brown’s without looking muddy!

Paint Above Featured In ‘The Fairmount Project’!
View More Of This Project On INSTAGRAM!

SILVERPOINTE | SW 7653 by Sherwin Williams:
Silverpointe is a stunning gray with subtle green undertones. It’s a soft, stylish neutral that won’t make your home look too cold and stark! A perfect color that goes well with white or stained wood trim and can also be a stand alone color for an open floor plan.

Paint Above Featured In ‘Lexington Home Tour: Modern Rustic Style’!
View Whole Project Blog HERE!

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