2020 Design Trends


It might be said that “trends” are steering a little more timeless in many regards. We are seeing a lot of design elements that feel like they’ve been around for hundreds of years such as natural stone flooring, marble slabs, tongue and groove cabinetry and channel tufting. When we pull inspiration for clients we are often looking at early American farmhouses or European cottages. It seems that the sayings “what’s old is new” has never been more relevant. Either way we are happy to say that these “trends” feel like they are around to stay for awhile.

image via our Midway Remodel – photography by Lindsay Salazar photography
  1. warm grays – Starting in about 2007 we started seeing a resurgence of cool grays. “Gray and teal” and “gray and yellow” were popular combos for a lot of the early design bloggers. Now we are leaning more towards grays that have warmer and richer undertones like Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams used in our Midway Remodel.
Imave via our Kaysville New Build Mudroom – photography by Travis J.

2. stone flooring – We have always used stone flooring as our number one choice for high traffic areas such as a mudroom but now we are seeing it find it’s way into some of the main areas of the home and we predict we’ll see it more and more. Our particular favorites are slate and limestone. We love the texture of a natural limestone floor like this image from Humphry Munson. How beautiful would a limestone kitchen floor be?!

image via Humphry Munson
image via our Kaysville Dining Room – photography by Travis J.

3. linear chandeliers – There is something so refreshing about a new chandelier shape. We have have loved the tiered shapes and the round shapes but we are particularly in love with the linear shape. Not only is it a match made in heaven for a long dining table but it’s really fun over a kitchen island as well.

Image via our Traverse Mountain Modern Kitchen – photography by Travis J.
Image via Traverse Mountain Modern Master Bedroom – photography by Travis J.

4. channel tufting – This style of tufting was popular in the 20s and then had a resurgence in the 70s. It’s coming back strong again and we are not mad about it! We chose to do the Traverse Mountain Modern headboard in a horizontal channel tuft and then mimicked the look in the Traverse Mountain Modern basement rec room with the sofas.

image via our Traverse Mountain Modern Basement – photography by Travis J.
image of our Traverse Mountain Modern Kitchen – photography by Travis J.

5. tongue and groove cabinetry – For a long time the tongue and groove look was reserved for a more farmhouse or coastal vibe. Currently we are seeing it more and more in all types of design aesthetics. The simple detail is a great alternative to the modern shaker because it keeps cabinetry streamlined while adding in charm and texture. While it works well for a modern design it crosses over easily into a rustic, farmhouse or even european vibe as well. We hope to use this style more in the coming years.

photo of our Traverse Mountain Modern Kitchen – photography by Travis J.

6. stacked tile – Stacked tile is making it’s way in the design world in kitchen, bathrooms etc. We’ve been so used to seeing bricklayed tile so this change up is something we are super excited about. The stacked tile definetly gives off a more modern vibe so it probably won’t go as well in a very traditional home.

photo of the Morgan Farmhouse Kitchen – photography by Travis J.

7. marble slabs – We can NEVER have enough marble. For the past 10 years it’s been all about the marble subway in kitchens and bathrooms. Currently we are seeing huge slabs of marble being used as more than just countertops. Marble slabs are showing up as backsplashes, shower surrounds and even tub surrounds. As anything with marble, we predict this trend is sticking around for awhile.

Design is ever changing and we love that about it. It will be fun to keep tabs on these trends plus many more for the coming year!

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