Color trends 2021: Millennial Purple interior obsession


Once a runaway hit, Millennial purple has become the interior color of the moment!

The days of global uncertainty and isolation don’t play well with minimalism. Amidst the pandemic, stark, tightly-edited spaces only echo our fears and growing discomfort. The extended stay-at-home period got us rethinking our interior color schemes and paved the way for the grand return of color!

This has already been a thing, but while everything else seems to be slowing down, the color comeback is only accelerating in speed. This should come as no surprise knowing how transformative color presence can be to our wellbeing and mental health.

Our color choices shape our moods and spaces, helping us nurture desired behaviors and feelings. And in the days of economic uncertainty, remodeling the space by simply grabbing a can of paint definitely feels less risky than engaging in a full-scale makeover.

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What makes the Millennial Purple interior color trend so attractive right now?

You may remember our post from early 2019 – Interior Color Trend: Lilac and Why are We Seeing It Everywhere where we discussed how and why the trending color palette is shifting from pinks towards lavender and lilac. This still holds true, and the current affairs are only emphasizing the allure of this dreamy color direction we seem to hold dear these days.

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According to color psychology, lavender and lilac are known for supporting healing and creating soothing environments for troubled minds. They stand for calm, renewal and joyful pursuits, and make you feel pretty and lighthearted.

What has changed since the early 2019 when we published the previous trend alert is the shade of purple we’ve become obsessed about.

Light lavender and lilac are slowly making way for more daring mauve and berry.

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Mauve – a youth color hero

Mauve explores the range from muted (almost pink) neutrals to sweet pastel (almost neon) shades. The mauve color story feels idealistic and pure, evocative of youth, decadence, and femininity. It may be too emotional and authentic to resonate with the wider crowd but reigns supreme with its young and artistic audience, especially with those with a tender spot in their heart for the ‘80s interior style and color schemes.

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Purple powered ’80s revival

We’re seeing pastel mauve in many experimental design concepts. It acts as an open-minded playmate to many bold Memphis-inspired furniture settings. It emphasizes the unapologetic chic of Ettore Sottsass mirrors (also having momentum as we speak). To bridge the gap between reality and fantasy, it supports the introduction of (up until recently unimaginable) neon accents.

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Going further, we expect this trend to evolve towards more moody, deeper and richer purple shades, such as berry, dark fuchsia and dusty orchid.

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Our thirst for color is getting stronger and so is our determination to transform our spaces into more healing and nurturing environments.

The Millennial Purple can be a strong alley on this road ahead and show us the way to appreciate more what we already have within our interior spaces.

Get inspired by Millennial Purple interior, furniture, and decor and keep experimenting with SampleBoard tools!

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