Interior color trends: Beige is back


Beige color will be one of key interior trends in 2020.

After a decade of grey dominating the interior design world, we find ourselves desperately seeking warmer, more reassuring hues. Grey might still be the homeowners’ number one choice when it comes to neutrals, but we can sniff the change in the air and it smells so, so refreshing! The days of optimism and retromania are pushing us towards warmer color schemes with off-whites, champagne and beige as the foundation colors of the new aesthetic. Once considered as boring and uninspiring, the beige interior trend is rapidly gaining traction and becoming a chic alternative for design enthusiasts who usually end up being early adopters of the most promising interior trends.

If you are looking to create a sophisticated retreat from the overwhelming hustle of the outside world, warm off-white hues tend to be the most reasonable choice. They create a calm, resting environment, allowing us to unwind and regroup our thoughts and feelings.

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Key characteristics

You will find beige and off-whites in many forms. From beautifully layered minimalist tone-on-tone concepts to classic elegance bursting with ornamentations and details, beige seems to be working well with just about any interior style. However, earthy boho and new Scandi have been growing on us lately and became our favorites.

Decorating with beige can be both very simple and a bit tricky. The fine line between blah and wow look resides in the carefully styled layers of texture providing interest to the otherwise monotone space. Jute rugs, wool throws, seagrass baskets, linen fabrics, dried flowers, wooden furniture and room dividers, they all add plenty of character, help elevate the room and make it feel cozier.

Beige and off-whites go hand in hand with our desire to surround ourselves with natural materials. We are going back to basics and focusing on tactility rather than visual excitement. We seek refuge from the overly digital, attention-grabbing world we live in, so our homes take on a more earthy, organic feel.

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Dulux was first to report on this trend with their Spiced Honey as the color of the year for 2019. Their choice might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’ve definitely hit the right direction with this year’s pick.

Beige feels welcoming and refined. It’s sunny, sandy and warm. An epitome of elegance and class, beige evokes the feelings of royalty and sophistication. It’s subtle, serene and dignified. It tends to be more appealing to adults than to kids and teenagers, but, if the interior is well designed, everyone can learn to appreciate its subtle, natural vibe.

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When building a color scheme for a minimalist space, go for the beige + white + black combo.

For the boho desert and modern Mediterranean interior style, think about earthy shades such as terracotta, burnt orange, mid-century blue.

And if you are feeling playful and brave enough to aim for the eclectic – pastels might be a fine choice.

How do you feel about beige in interior design? Are you ready to ditch the greys and indulge in this warm interior color trend?

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