How to Elevate any Room with a Minimalist Gallery Wall


I recently asked you guys on my Instagram stories what you wanted to see more of on my blog and a lot of you requested more interior posts. I love connecting with my audience so I appreciate the feedback and will continue to deliver the content you want to see!

Bohemian decor took the design world by storm last year but now many are swapping out their macrame and geometric patterns for more contemporary designs. I may (or may not) have went a bit overboard with the urban boho trend so I decided to tone it down for a more calming, monochromatic look. My next post will be dedicated to all of the design trends that are in and out in 2020 so stay tuned if you are considering giving your space a seasonal makeover!

BEFORE: removed hanging macrame hammocks, swapped out geometric rug for a more relaxed pattern, and replaced plants with chic and minimal picture frames.

I couldn’t part ways with my Wallygro wall planters but I decided to trade out my shelf plants for a chic picture ledger. Gallery walls are the easiest way to add unique character to any living room, bedroom, bathroom, stairway or foyer. I was excited to partner with Opposite Wall for this makeover because their artwork and frames were the perfect finishing touch.

Opposite Wall is a brand that just gets it. Their insta page will make you want to purchase all of their signature minimalist prints and redecorate your space immediately. The best part? They’re direct-to-consumer so their pieces are super affordable. So go ahead, splurge on all of their artwork.

check out their website: here | instagram: here

Gallery Wall Decor Ideas

Natural Neutrals

While the old saying “anything goes” is true, you don’t want a mishmash of chaos when building a gallery wall. For an open, minimalist look stick to a cohesive color pattern of whites, blacks and wood-tone pieces. Opposite Wall has a perfectly curated collection of pictures that can be mixed and matched perfectly.

Vintage Meets Modern

In with the new, out with the old? Not always. You can give your vintage art a fresh look by pairing them alongside some newer, modern pieces. Even consider adding round plates to create a beautiful focal point.

Floor to Ceiling

An alternative to wallpaper, cover the space with a tight configuration of colorful imagery. This is a good idea if you have a large collection of art that is tucked away in storage.

Eclectic Gallery

An abstract way to mix picture frames with wall-mounted pieces that are as unique as your personality.

Mix Large and Small

There’s no ratio boundaries with gallery walls! You can pair a 40 inch frame directly besides a tiny 5×8 frame. The trick to pulling this off is to ensure there is a enough frames to “box” off the gallery so it doesn’t look random.

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