How to Make Puppy Dog Cupcakes – Pupcake Tutorial

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These Puppy Dog Cupcakes are perfect for kids’ birthdays and theme parties and are so easy to make!




How to Make Puppy Dog Cupcakes – Pupcakes



1. You’ll need 2 cupcakes for the Pupcake – one for the head and another for the body. I used a chocolate for the head and vanilla for the body.

2. Slice the bottom off of the head cupcake.



3. Turn the same cupcake right-side up and slice about 1/3 off the side.



4. Using a flower tip, add frosting to the other (body) cupcake around the edge of the top and then throughout the middle until the top of the body cupcake is covered.

5. Place the head cupcake on its flat side on top of the body cupcake.

6. Push a long toothpick down through the head cupcake and body cupcake to stabilize the pupcake. (Don’t forget this is inside when eating!)

7. Stick a semi-circle shaped gumdrop candy on the “front” of the head with a small drop of frosting. Then starting at the top of the candy, draw lines of frosting up and back over the puppy’s head. Stop at the top back of the head. Repeat the stripes along the sides of the head, stopping at the edge of the back of the dog’s head.

8. Starting at the middle of the candy, draw a squiggly line of frosting in a mustache shape. Draw several squiggly lines from the middle towards the left and from the middle towards the right.

9. Put a black gumdrop above the gumdrop shape for the nose. Then add 2 white gumdrops (or other candy) for the ears. Draw a line of frosting along each sides and up over the back of each ear.

10. Draw swirls all over the back of the puppy dog’s head for fur.

11. Add candy pieces for the eyes and then sprinkles for eyelashes. Add another gumdrop or candy for the mouth and add another sprinkle in a line down from the candy. Then add sprinkles in “V” shapes from each side of the line.

12. Add thick stripes of frosting down each side for the legs. Squeeze frosting out across the bottom of the legs to make feet, then add more sprinkles for the nails.

That’s it!

These Puppy Dog Cupcakes are so easy to make and are a huge hit with kids.

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